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Lionel Messi Biography

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Lionel Messi


                        In this article we are going to write the Biography of a world famous sportsman which is a football player. He is the Argentine footballer Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini generally called as Lionel Messi who plays for the club Football club Barcelona and is generally popular for scoring goals and his football abilities. He is considered as one of the best players in the history of football due to his individual awards.

Now we first we will start the article with the basic information of About Lionel Messi and then we will move on to his childhood and then start of his career and his lifestyle and then we will finish the article by seeing some of his big football awards due to which he is also called as the best player in the history of football.

General Information of Lionel Messi;

                                                                   Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini is a football star which which plays as a forward for both Argentina and FC Barcelona. He was born in Rosario on 24 June 1987 and e is now 32 years old. He is currently living in Barcelona (Spain). His wife name is Antonella Roccuzzo. He has 3 sons named as Mateo,Siro and Thiago. His jersey number is 10.His height is about 5 feet and 7 inches.

Early Life;

               His life started in Rosario a city of Argentina in 24 june 1987 in the house of Jorge Messi who was a steel factory worker and his mother name was Celia Cuccittini who was working in a magnet manufacturing shop. His early life was difficult because he belonged to a middleclass family in Argentina and in a very short age he was diagnosed with a very serious decease which was of Growth Hormone Deficiency.

He was born in a family which was football loving and his maternal grandmother named Cellia has a great influence in his journey towards football. She always took him to ground and she always encouraged him. Messi had also claimed this in many interviews about Cellia. Later on she died and it’s also said that Messi’s celebration signature of looking towards the sky and pointing is also in the honour of Celia.

Growth Hormone Deficiency Decease;

The growth hormone deficiency was a big hurdle in the football career of Leo Messi. It’s treatment was very expensive and Messi’s middle class family could not afford the treatment of Messi and that time. Many clubs in Argentina promised for the treatment of Lionel Messi but none of them helped. Some of Messi’s relatives were living in Barcelona and then they contacted FCB at that time. Finally FCB agreed for the treatment of Lionel Messi but the point was he had to move from Rosario to Spain.

FC Barcelona’s Journey;

                                         Leo Messi’s greatest ever journey started in 2002 in Barcelona with FCB which is still going and it’s said that he will also retire in Football club Barcelona. This legendary journey has a lot of individual and team trophies and many more will be added till his retirement.

Messi started his career at La Masia youth academy in 2002. He is also called as the natural or born football talent. From the start he was extremely fast and good at dribbling. His abilities were just as clear as mirror for the coaching staff and other members. They were really impressed by Messi during his first year. Especially he was extremely good at scoring goals.

Messi’s ranking was increasing in club like fire in the bushes. He first played at La Masia the greatest ever football academy of FCB. Then he moved to Barcelona C in next year in season 20003/04 and soon after that he moved to Barcelona B in 2004/05. Through his eye catching performances he was able to move to Barcelona A in the same year.

During this time Barcelona also made new contract with Leo Messi. When he was playing at team B by seeing his performances the team A players told the coach to bring him to team A and especially Ronaldhino played an important role in bringing him to team A. (An interesting fact is also that Ronaldhino gave the first  team A assist to Messi ).

After coming to the main team of Barcelona the greatest ever journey started and it was for the both Messi and the football fans. The rest is history!  After that till now Messi has helped Barca to win a lot of trophies and also he has won many individual trophies and he is still scoring and performing miracles for the Barcelona. He has written his name in the Golden books of FC Barcelona and football both as a legend and may be the best ever footballer.

While rising at Barcelona his argentine journey also started and he played for Argentina in U20 and U23 teams. Now he is the captain of the both Argentina and FC Barcelona. (He also retired from Argentine football team after missing a penalty the final but then later on he took his retirement back and started playing for Argentina due to the appeal from the people of Argentina)s.

Some renowned Achievements;  

                                                       Messi has been really a shining star from the start of his football career. He has a lot of things which he has achieved including team trophies with Argentina and with Barca and he is also having a long list of his individual trophies. If I started listing his all achievements I don’t know when will I finish this article so that’s why I will list some of his big achievements here.

  1. 6 Ballon d’Or
  2. 6 Golden Boots
  3. 10 La liga
  4. 4 Champions league
  5. 6 Copa Del Rey
  6. 3 UEFA super cup
  7. 1 golden ball
  8. 1 Fifa U20 worldcup
  9. 1 Olympics winner
  10. Fifa Best player of the year

Here I have listed some of his big achievents which he has achieved with his team and some individual awards also otherwise the list is long.

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