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History Of Werder Bremen

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Football is an amazing game. This game requires a lot of stamina.football is played all over the world and it is one of the most famous games in the world right now it has a very old history it dates back to 3000 years old when Greece used to play the game and it was also the part of their military training. The modern football was introduced by England in 19 century before that there were no rules and regulations for the game and there was no proper shape and size of the football show in the 19th century rules and regulations were made for the game.

The basic rules of the game is that no one can touch the ball by hand they can use any part of the body to control the ball except hand. Only e the goalkeeper can use its hands but within the penalty area. The game shows sportsman spirit. The major tournament of the football is FIFA World Cup it comes after every four years and top teams from the world play in it.The previous world cup was won by France after they beat Croatia in the finals.There are many clubs in football and every club has use fan following. One of the club which I will be talking about is werder Bremen it is a top club of Germany which plays in the Bundesliga.

Sv weeder Bremen

The next club on the list is Sv weeder Bremen. The club plays for the German side. The official name of the club is sportverein werder Bremen Von. Actors and German professional sports club which is best in bremen. The club plays for German League Bundesliga it is one of the top leagues of the world and also one of the toughest league of the world.

It has the record for most seasons played in the Bundesliga. The club was formed on 4 February 1899 it was founded by a group of students who played football. The name of the club was based on a river where are the boys used to play the game.the club was founded and first match was played on 10th September the same year and that match that club won.

In the year 1900 club was represented by German Football Association it was a great honour for the team. The club made an amazing impact on the football situation as they won some early matches and also won some local championships.

First Championship;

The club monsoon local championships but their first major trophy came in the year 1961 them on that dfb-pokal. The club was considered as the second best club in the north Germany they were also part of the founding members of the Bundesliga. Their performance in the league was outstanding and in the second season they won the league title. That was a great honour for the team but they could not maintain their winning streak as the next year The lost many matches and were on the bottom of the league.

The club then appointed A new coach for the team as they were facing many problems. The new coach name was Otto Rehhagel.he was a lucky charm for the club he stayed at the club for almost 14 years during his stay in help his club Mon many titles he had a great offensive philosophy. He started to improve the attack of the club.

The klove under his coaching won the 2 Bundesliga titles and also won the 2 DFB-POKAL titles. That was a great achievement for the club and stay at the club made the club very strong and they were the nightmare for teams. He improved his team and also assign some world class players who help them win major titles.

Schaaf Era;

  1. After stay at the club for 14 years he decided to depart from the club. His departure was a great asset for the club and they could not find any manager at his level ll who was appointed as the coach of the club in 1999. During the era of the new manager.
  2. The club was one of the top team in the German football they also won a DFB-POKAL title also won a double in 2004 season.
  3. The new coach of the club was schaaf. His time in the club was remarkable is techniques and vision was beyond the level also helped his team to win an another dfb-pokal in the year 2009.
  4. They won a double including Bundesliga title and the dfb-pokal. They also made the record for achieving this record. They also became the third team in Bundesliga to acheive that honour.
  5. During the era of the new manager they would easily qualify for the UEFA Champions League. They also reached the semifinals of 2006 UEFA cup.

Golden Era;

They played very well throughout the tournament but in the final they were defeated by the Spanish side RCD Espanyol.the next season of the Bundesliga for the club was miserable they were not able to compete in the league they failed miserably and lost many matches. They also came at the tenth position in the league that was a shameful record for them.

It was the worst League performance from the club for more than a decade. They had some amazing players which day sold for large amount including tiago ozil and pizzaro. Ratlam having some of the junk players which can perform very well under any situation in the club is financially not stable yet so that is why they cannot buy world class players so they have to improve their team by their own talent.

They have the potential to win any match and it is one of the the best teams in Germany the owner of the club is Marco bode. The current manager and head coach of the team is Florian kohfeldt. Under coaching the team is performing very well and they have to win many titles in the future the best player ever played for the club is mesut ozil. He is one of the best players of the world.

This was the article on the German side werder Bremen. The club is known for its old history.the club has won many titles and it is one of the toughest clubs in the Germany.if you find my article interesting and informative then give your feedback and also tells your favourite football. We will provide you the best possible information thanks.

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