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We are here with the biography of another player Toni kroos. We will discuss his personal life his early career his family, his achievements , his stats and much more s in the list so please stay connected to avail best information on your favorite player. So now we should begin;


First of all we will start with family

His real name is Toni kroos and he was born in Griefwald East Germany on 4 January 1990. He is a German footballer.

His mother name is Birgit kammer and his mother was an international badminton player and she is now a sports biology teacher and his father name is Ronald kroos who was a professional wrestler in his early age and now is also a football coach he has a brother whose name is Felix kroos and he is married in 2015 to Jessica faarber and he has a child whose name is Leon kroos.

Early life;

  1. Tony was born in a family who were linked with sports as he was also inspired by his family s his family had a history in sports.
  2. Toni was part of his school football team he was a very good player as his father used to coach him and he became one of the best footballer in his school many teachers praised his talent.
  3. His parents were always there to support him. They were making a gem in the shape of Toni kroos.
  4. From his childhood he was most passionate about football he most of the time was practicing football.
  5. Toni kroos was not good in studies but on the other hand in football no one was in his match as he was respected by the school faculty for his amazing game in football.


Football career;

As a boy he first joined local club Griefswalder fc and Hansa rostok. He played there during hid early age. He was a brilliant player sooner he drew attention of many big clubs. Clubs like Chelsea, Werder and Schalke 04 approached him but he couldn’t join them and in July 2006 Bayern signed Toni kroos till 2012. The contract was very long and after an year he in September 2007 he made his debut for Bundesliga side FC Bayern and when he made his debut he was 17 years old and became the youngest German player for FC Bayern. It is such a huge achievement for a player at that age playing for Bundesliga top team at such a age.


In his debut match he came as a substitute and gave two assists and led his team to victory. It was his first match for Bayern and he gave such an amazing performance.On 25 October he made his debut for UEFA Cup and in that match he came as a substitute and gave an assist and also scored a goal it was his first goal for FC Bayern and gave an important part in team victory.On 5 November 2008 he made his UEFA Champions league debut for FC Bayern against Florienta.

The next season FC Bayern sent him on loan as he was not performing up to the mark and he was sent to loan to gain some experience.So in 2009 he was sent on loan to Bayer Leverkusan for 18 months.On February 2009 he made his first appearance for Bayer leverkusan after coming at substitute but Bayer leverkusan lost that match.On April 2009 he scored his first goal for Bayer leverkusan against VFL Wolfsburg although Bayer leverkusan lost that match.

He played 13 matches for Bayer leverkusan in his first season and scored only one goal. He was not performing up to his level.The next season he gained his confidence and became a regular player at Bayer leverkusan and also received player of the month award back to back for two months in December 2009 and in January 2010.

Rise Of His Career;

In that season he played brilliantly and scored 9 goals and 12 assists n just 33 games. It was an amazing season for him.In 2010 his loan expired and he returned to his club FC Bayern. In the season 2012/2013 he played an important part in FC Bayern Treble as he was the major midfielder and leading the midfield.In all he played 176 matches for FC Bayern and scored 23 goals for them.

He played an important part in FC Bayern and won many trophies with FC Bayern and also won many individual awards.In 2014 he was signed by Spanish giants Real Madrid. This was an important signing in real Madrid history as he became the major part of the team and the backbone of midfield.He was presented as a real Madrid player in front of 8000 fans and he became 9 German player to play for Spanish giants Real Madrid.On November 2014 he scored his first ever goal for Real Madrid.

He also won UEFA Champions league trophy with real Madrid in 2015/2016 and became the first German player to win 2 champions league for two different teams FC Bayern and Real Madrid. He became a regular starter for Real Madrid after that season and played an important role in Real Madrid victories.

On October 2016 his contract was renewed till 2022 and also helped Real Madrid clinch another UEFA Champions league trophy in 2016/2017 and also became the first German player to win UEFA Champions league for 3 times. That was an amazing achievement for him. He also helped Real Madrid win 2019/2020 Laliga but Real Madrid couldn’t perform well in Champions league and got knocked out by Manchester City.


  • He played 176 games for FC Bayern and scored 23 goals for them and gave 42 assists.
  • He played 185 games for Real Madrid and scored 15 goals and contributed in 47 goals means he has 47 assists in laliga.
  • He played 96 games for Germany national side and was able to score 13 goals.
  • He is one of the best Midfielders in the world right now. We are lucky enough to see such an amazing player.

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