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Here we are going to discuss about biography of a star footballer Thiago silva. He is a Brazilian footballer and plays for PSG which is one of the toughest club in the Football history. He is one of the best defenders in football era. He is a central defender and now he has moved from PSG to Chelsea Football Club.

Here we will discuss about his early life is start of career is golden era his rise and his achievements and most importantly his stats in the Football world.

His career is full of amazing achievements and individual awards.

First of all we will discuss about his early life and about his family.



  • Thiago Silva real name is Thiago Emiliano da Silva.
  • His date of birth is 22 September 1984.
  • He is mostly known for Thiago Silva.
  • His Father name is not known.
  • His mother name is Angela Maria da Silva.
  • His brother name is Erivelton Emiliano da Silva.
  • His sister name is Danila Emiliano da Silva.
  • He was born in Brazil in the city Rio de Janerio.
  • He is married and his wife name is Isabele da Silva.
  • He has two childrens whose names are Isago da Silva and Iago da Silva.
  • His religion is Christianity.
  • His father was separated from them at a very early age of the Thaigo Silva so he could not spend much time with his father.
  • His early life was very difficult he faced many circumstances.
  • As father left them they had no other source of finance.
  • His life was never easy as they had to face financial crises and he had no father to support him and every child needs his parents to support him.
  • His mother married again then and his stepfather supported him and in an interview he also thanked him for his support which his father had shown to him.

Football Career;


Thiago Silva started his Football career at a local clubs in Brazil like.Juventude and RS Futebole Club..When he was 20 he was performing exceptionally good for his local club which caught the eye of many big clubs including Portugal big clubs like FC Porto.Then FC Porto approached him and he was signed for FC Porto for 3 million dollars.He was signed in 2004.After an year playing in Portugal he could not impress them so he was sent on loan to a Russian club Dynamo which is located in Moscow.After he went to Moscow his downfall started that was the worse decision ever taken by Thiago Silva as he could not bear cold weather of Russia and sooner became very ill.

He was nearly on the death bed.He spent a year in Dynamo club but most of the time he was admitted in hospital for his fatal condition.Thiago Silva became disheartened after that he decided to retire from football but his mother was beside him and insisted him not to give up.His mother told him to fight and rose again.Due to his mother he changed his mind not to quit football.After he was cured he didn’t move to Dynamo Club he just left the club and moved back to Brazil where he started playing for Fluminense.

Rise Of Career;

He then played with his heart and became best player in Fluminense and all over the country he was noticed and in his city he was praised by young fans.He was signed by Fluminense in January and he played his first season for them.In that season the team couldn’t perform well but Thiago Silva was one of the best players in the season.This season waa not good for the team but in 2007 season the club just made it to the 4 spot in the season and made an incredible record in defending as they conceded very less goals. This was just because of Thiago Silva.

In 2007 he won Copa do Brazil it was his first Copa do Brazil. He played his important part in teams victory. His incredible performance in the season and the tournament brought him to Brazil National side.He was also named as one of the best central defenders in that season.After amazing performance for Fluminense he was approached by Milan management and they were very interested in him so after few months they were able to sign him.He firstly played for Milan first team as he had to grew confidence his performance for the first team of Milan was very good so in 2009 he became the part of senior team.

His debut for Ac Milan came on August. His performance in that match was noticable.He was noticed all over the world for hi s performance and every one was praising him.On January 2010 Ac Milan defeated Juventus and Thiago Silva was named as the best player of the day.Thaigo Silva was on the way of becoming best defenders in the world.He was also named as Milan player of the season.on January he was compared to one of the greatest player of AC Milan Franci Baresi.He was also part of UEFA team of the year in 2011.His time at Ac Milan also included some serious injuries which led him to miss many games for Ac Milan.


He also was named as the Serie A team of the year and was declared as the best defender in Serie A.After his amazing performance in AC Milan PSG came forward to sign him but he was not interested to leave AC Milan but PSG offered a huge amount to AC Milan that they could not resist and after few months he was signed by PSG.He then became the most costliest defender in football history.

He continued playing for PSG and played very well. His performances for PSG are very good he became the captain of French side and also led his team to first ever UEFA Champions League final but could not win that match and after that matched he moved to Chelsea. He is known as the best central defenders of this generation.


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