Biography of Sergio Ramos (The Spanish Beast)


                      We are back with another biography of a great footballer and another motivation for you. In this article we will come to know about the world famous Spanish full back player. Yes and it’s none other than the great Sergio Ramos. He is also called as the best football defender of the current generation.

But here we will discuss his story from the start. We will have a look at his life since his birth and then early life and his career as footballer and some basic facts about Sergio Ramos and the most important thing that how managed to become such a great player as a defender in the history of football. What were the reasons behind his phenomenal successive journey?

Now we will start the article without wasting our time further from some basic general information about Sergio Ramos.



General Info about Sergio Ramos;

                                                             Sergio Ramos Garcia commonly known as Ramos is a world famous football player. He is the current Captain of the Spanish team and the famous Spanish club Real Madrid. He is 34 years old. He was born on 30 marches 1986 in a Spanish city named Camas. His jersey number is 4.  He is 6 feet in height. He is widely known for his extra ordinary defensive skills and also sometimes scoring in crucial matches for his team. He is a very aggressive player and due to which he had been shown yellow and red cards a number of time by the Referees. His passion in the game is always reflecting through his actions. He is also known as great leader because during his leadership the Spanish team and the Real Madrid has achieved a lot which speaks of his abilities.

Now we will move on to the next part which is about his early life and a little information regarding his personnel life.

Ramos’s Early Life;

                                Ramos was born on 30th march 1986 in Spain. His father name is Jose Maria Ramos and his mother name is Paqui Ramos. Since his birth in Seville Ramos was not interested in football since the start. He was keenly interested in becoming a Bullfighter and this was because he grew in a city where bullfights were very popular. He watched the Bullfighting game all the day.

Sergio Ramos had also claimed this in interviews that his intention and the goal was always to be a Bull fighter but it was a dangerous career to choose and his mother always worried about it. His elder brother named Rene suggested his mother to choose football as a career since it was less dangerous and he is the only reason behind he started his career as football player and we are able to watch one of the greatest player in the history of football. (His brother Rene now acts as his agent).

Ramos’s Football Journey;

Since his brother had convinced Ramos and his parents to let Ramos gives a try to football. Then they had got a trainer to polish the football talent of Sergio Ramos.

After that Ramos joined his first ever club for football named as FC Camas. He was a very good player since the start and during his early days he won many awards there. They polished the talent of football in Sergio Ramos in such a way that he became an eye catching player to sign for the Sevilla Club.

Transfer to Sevilla;

Sergio Ramos performed very well at Sevilla. He also scored goals and he started becoming an eye catching player for the coaches and the other staff members. He first played alongside with the youth system of club. Soon after his performances he was upgraded to the Sevilla B team in 2003/04 season and after progressing to B team it didn’t took long to Sergio Ramos for the selection of A team. During the 2004/05 season he played for the club’s A team. He made his debut with Sevilla’s A team in Laliga on February 1 2004. After playing that year with Sevilla Ramos became an attraction for the football world.

Ramos’s Real Madrid Journey:

The war of signing Sergio Ramos started in clubs and many clubs approached him but the Real Madrid finally won the battle and they made a contract with Ramos. It was a very expensive contract for such a young player at that time but Real Madrid was impressed with his defending as well as goal scoring skills. Later on he achieved so much for Madrid fans and is still achieving that it looks a cheap transfer for such an absolute wonder for RMA. His transfer amount for RMA in 2005 season was 27Million Euro.

His Madrid journey is itself a history. He signed many contracts with RMA and his achievements with Real Madrid are absolutely phenomenal. He became RMA’s Captain in 2015 and signed a 5 years contract with Real Madrid till 2020. His Madrid journey is a long story but we will move on to our next topic ….because no article is enough for it, you can even right a book on it.

International Career;

                                   Ramos international career started in 2002 when he was signed by Sevilla’s Youth system. He played as an U17 player for spain. Then he played as an U19 player for Spanish team in 2004. With his extra ordinary performances Ramos was promoted to U21 team and then to the main Spanish team in 2005 when he was signed by RMA.

Personal Life;

                       Ramos has been in Relation with a lot of Models but he finally came into relationship with journalist/actress named Pilar Rubio in 2012. They had three sons together. Later on they got engaged and then Ramos married with Pilar Rubio in 2019 in his hometown.

Ramos’s family has always been special for him. His brother is his football agent. Ramos is catholic and his arm is full of tattoo. Ramos is fond of horses and he has a farm in his hometown. His horse “Yucatan SR4” became a world champions in 2018.

Sergio Ramos has achieved a lot of Individual and team trophies which we will discuss letter in some other article. Hope you enjoyed and will learn from the the inspiration.

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