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Here we are going to discuss about biography of a star footballer Robert Lewandoski who is the star player of FC Bayern with the highest goal scorer of the club. Here we will discuss his early life his start of career, his golden era, his rise and his achievements and most importantly his stats in football world.

Early life;

His real name is Robert Lewandoski . he was born in Warsaw Poland .His date of birth is 21/08/1988. He was raised by the regional Catholic who had wide interest in sports. His mother and father were also part of sports so Robert from very young age took interest in football. When his father noticed his interest in football he took him to the local club Partyzend Lezno.


His Father name was Krsyzstof Lewandoski and his mother name was Iwona Lewandoski. He has one sister whose name is Milena lewandoska. He is married to Anna lewandoska. He is married to her since 2013. He has one daughter Klara lewandoska.

Football Career;

When he turned 9 he began his youth football career. He was full of passion and his talent lead him to Polish team Znicz Pruszkow in 2005. He brilliantly performed for his team which took him to first tier club lech Poznan just after 3 years. Many clubs wanted him to be part of their club. After spending four years in lech Poznan his talent was noticed by Dortmund officials. They started taking interest in him and in 22 august 2010 he made his Bundesliga debut with Dortmund and after a month he scored his first goal against a very tough opponent Schalke.

He scored 8 goals in his first season with Dortmund and the next season he scored 22 goals which made his position stronger. His third season for Dortmund he scored 24 goals. This was his final season now with Dortmund and he became the top scorer of the season by scoring 20 goals which took the attention of many teams in Bundesliga.

Rise Of Career;

Bayern approached him and he moved to Bayern. He scored a total of 74 goals of Dortmund. In January 2014 he signed a 5 year contract with Bayern Munich. His debuted in German super cup. It was a wonderful season for Lewandoski by winning bundesliga title and also playing semi final of champions league thou couldn’t win the semifinal but made an amazing record in Bundesliga.

The first season he scored 17 goals. His second season in Bayern was amazing he scored 5 goals against Wolfsburg in just 8 and half minutes which made a record in football history. He made many records. With Bayern he won many titles. . With Bayern he won many titles. Including 6 Bundesliga titles and 1 champions league which is one of the toughest competition in world and he became the top scorer of the champions league season 2018/2020 by scoring 15 goals. And he leveled the record of Cristiano by scoring 15 goals in a single season of champions league.

He scored in every single game of champions league except the finals. He is in the best form of his career now. He won the golden shoe this year by scoring the most goals in Europe top 5 leagues. Lewandoski is the first Polish player to win 7 times footballer of the year. He is the fourth active highest goal scorer in the world by scoring 497 goals for club and country. He has 61 goals for his country and becomes the fifth active player with the most international goals. He has a great talent and can score in difficult situations. He has a long career to go and has many more records and titles to achieve.


He has many records to his which are following;

1 .He is the only player to score 5 goals after coming a substitute and he scored that goals in just 8 minutes and 30 seconds and made a world record and took 4 Guiness world records to his name.

  1. He is the first Bayern player after former Bayern player Roy Makaay to score 5 goals after 2 games.
  2. He is the fastest non German player to score 100 Bundesliga goals.
  3. He is the first player to score in first 11 games in Bundesliga and he scored in each game and he is the only player to do so.
  4. He is the third highest Bundesliga top scorer in just 10 years.


Best season;

Although lewandoski every season was amazing yet this season 2019/2020 was the best season of his career. He played brilliantly in this season and scored 55 goals with just 4 penalties. Not a single player came near him.

He became the highest scorer of Bundesliga this season and also scored 15 goals in Champions league and also won the champions league and became the top scorer of it by scoring 15 goals. He won Bundesliga, Df pokal and now Champions league and became top scorer in all of them. He is the highest goal scorer in Europe top five leagues in 2019/2020 season but unluckily couldn’t won Ballondor as the event was cancelled.


Some Renowned achievements;

Lewandoski has an amazing career and won many titles in his name. He is one of the best player in world. He won many trophies with Poland, Dortmund, FC Bayern. There is a long list of his achievements and I will highlight the important ones

1.16x top scorer

2.7x footballer of the year for Poland

3.8x German champion

4. 1 Polish Champion

5.4x German cup winner

6.1x Polish cup winner

7.1x Polish super cup winner

8.1x Champions league winner

These are the main achievements of Robert Lewandoski. He is one of the best players in the world currently.


He has a total number of 348 goals in his career with 75 assists in career with 43 yellow cards and only 1 red card to his name. He has a total of 68 champions league goals and 1 time became the top scorer with 15 goals in a single season 2019/2020.




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