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Biography of Marcelo Vieira

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We are back with another biography of a legendary player marcelo Vieira who plays for the Brazil national team and the club real Madrid. This is really an interesting biography and you will learn many lessons from it. But now we will start of the article some basic facts about Marshall vieira and then we will write about his early life football career and his international team career and some facts about his personal life. Now we’re going to start of the article without wasting any time so let’s begin it with some facts about marcelo vieira.

General information about Marcelo Vieira;

Let’s start off with his name the person generally called marchello is a player from Brazil and his complete name is marcelo viera over junior. He was born on 12th may 1988 and sometimes we also see at some places that is date of birth is not 12 main but 12 June 1988. The players position is left back but at sometimes we can also play as a a left finger according to the statics or need of the team. He is generally known as one of the best defenders in the world. He was born in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He is 32 years old and jersey number is 12. He has two kids named Enzo alves wyra and Liam alvas wyra.

He is 5 feet and 9 inches in height. He has played in 2 clubs named real Madrid his current club and fluminanse in 2005-6.

Now we will discuss about his early life…

Early life of Marcelo;

Marcelo as mentioned earlier born on 12th may 1988. He is very enthusiastic and passionate player from the start. His parents are Maria dasilva and his mother name was marcelo vieira de Silva. The Marcello religion is Roman Catholicism. He started football at a very small age. He belong to a very poor background and often tried to quit football but luckily remained in the game due to his grandfather Pedro who kept encouraging him all the time and also he spotted him financially and morally. Marcelo has often been seen giving credit to his grandfather Pedro because of his success and he also dedicated his celebrations many time to him.

Start of football career

He started football at a very small age as mentioned earlier and he started his career by playing in futsol. Later came in the books of fluminense. He started his career by playing in this club.

Career at real Madrid;

He was signed in 2007 by real Madrid.that was a historic move for Marcelo which eventually changed his life. Since then it has been 13 years and is still playing for real Madrid and and he has now became a very crucial player for real Madrid. He is one of the most favorite attacking full backs alongside with Dani alves. Till yet is many contracts has been renewed with real Madrid including his wedges. He Is playing for international Brazilian team since 2005 he has played for Brazil under 17, under 20 and under 23. He is now playing in the Brazil international team and scored 6 goals for him as a left back and that’s something really special.

Marcello made his name for your married on 7 January 2007 and the rest is history. Since then he he was progressing day by day and was shining like a star in real Madrid. But in 2009 due to some poor performances he also faced the bench. At that time you also tried as left winger and played very good but he was again called back by the manager at his original position left full back. His breakthroughs season was season 2010-11.

Since then he has been very crucial for the club and he has achieved many individual trophies. He also helped real Madrid in winning many crucial trophies. Including some la Liga and the great champions League the dream for the many clubs now we will see some of his individual and team awards.

Individual and team rewards

With real Madrid

Since he joined real Madrid he has won five la Liga and 2 copa del Rey. He won 4 supercopa de espana. He has 4 UEFA champions League with real Madrid which is a great honour and 3 UEFA super cups. He also won four FIFA club world cups with real Madrid.


He won 2002 Olympic silver medal with Brazil and in 2008 they also won bronze medal. He won FIFA confederations cup in 2013 with Brazil. He was FIFA under 17 world cup runner up in 2005.


He has won many individual awards. Like he was nominated many times in EA sports FIFA team of the year and France football UEFA champions League squad of the season and FIFA Pro world 11 and many other awards we have nominated few.

He also won samba gold medal second place in 2018. He was named as Facebook FA la Liga best defender in 2016.


So the conclusion of the story is if you keep working hard you will be successful. There were times when Marcelo Vieira’s financial problems got so severe that he tried to quit football but remained in the game due to his grandfather. He never gave up and kept working hard. He faced the bench but he didn’t end his struggle he raised again and again.

His current value in the football market is 70.8 Million $ and he has sponsorship with adidas through which he earns £5.2 million per year. His net worth is currently estimated as 17million $. So what matters is to keep going. He is one of my favorite defenders with absolutely sublime skills. All this is the result of his endless efforts that he managed to write his names in the good books of this legendary game.

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