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We are back with another interesting story about a legendary footballer. So this time the footballer we are going to discuss is a legendary footballer. we are going to discuss Marc Andre ter stegen’s biography in detail.

Article will be divided into few parts like in the first part we’re going to discuss some basic facts about Marc Andre ter stegen and then we’re going to talk about his early life and his football career and some knowledge about his achievements with the team and individuals also. Due to his phenomenal performances he is also called as Messi with the gloves. So now we will start our artical with some basic facts about Marc Andre ter stegen.

General Information;

Marc Andre ter stegen generally also called as ter stegen is a German player. He is basically a German footballer who is playing for the German national team and the club FC Barcelona. Is jersey number with Barcelona is one and with German national team is 22. Spouse name is Daniela jehla. Is position in football is keepring. He is 28 years old. He was born on 30 April 1992 in monchengladbach in Germany.He has  been playing for Germany since 2012 before that he played in Germany under 17 and under 18 and under 19 and under 21. He is 6 feet and 2 inches in height. No we’re going to move onto on next topic about Marc Andre ter stegen and that is his early life.

Early life of Ter Stegen

He was born in Germany in Monchengladbach on 13th day of April 1992. Is religion is Catholic. Is mother name Renete Kausa and his father name is Erica kaus. His surname tersteegen basically belong to its Dutch origin which is not very common in German at that time. Marc Andre ter stegen started playing football at a very small age. When he started playing football his age was 2 years and he started playing it with his brother whose name is jeen marshal Ter Stegen. he learnt few basics move about football since he was very young without going to any football club. After seeing his interest in football and some excellent moves or skills his granddad accompanied him to play football and joined him in a local youth team.

An interesting story about this legendary keeper is that he never wanted to be a keeper but then he was playing in a local team the team ran out of goalkeepers. The local coach convinced him to become a goalkeeper and since then he didn’t change his post. Marc Andre ter stegen has also told in an interview about the story

I started to like how everyone treated me as a goalkeeper. They always told me you did pretty well. Since that moment I never left the goal post and I am very happy with my journey.

Marc Andre ter stegen football career

He played for the local youth team for the big 14 years later he joined the club level. We will discuss about his club level and rise of his football career. He started his first club level AT local club named Borussia Monchengladbach . He played for the four big years their before his rise and move to FC Barcelona. In 2010-11 season he was always benched in the club team. Later on was given the chance to play on the field and ter stegen again perform very well. He than play that the same club for three years.

After a stunning performances at the local German club he was link many times before his move to FC Barcelona. But when Victor valdes left marc-andre ter stegen  contract with Barcelona was finalized. His transfer fee was 12 million euro and the buyout clause was 80 million euro and his contract was a five-year contract from 2014 to 2019.

Rise OF Career;

About Barcelona he said in an interview in reply to a question that this was the very good decision and and now he aimed to settle at the.

Marc Andre ter stegen was the Barcelona’s first choice since his joining. He was always seen on the field for la Liga,copa del Rey or champions League. Since then he is improving any improving and he has proved himself on many occasions with FC Barcelona. He won many trophies with FC Barcelona. His playing style is really very special. Specially his abilities about quick reflexes and shot stopping and perfect decision making which makes him really very special. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now and prove himself in the good books of football keepers in the history. His competition with manual neur is very tough and if you ask me it’s really a big problem to select the option between Marc Andre ter stegen and manual neur. all this is the result of his hard work which he has been doing since his childhood. He is highly competent and very passionate about game that’s also something to make him special then others. He is really very quick when rushing towards the attackers which eventually helps in saving a lot of goals. He has won many team and individual trophies. Now we’re going to talk about his personal life then we will see some of his individual and team achievements.

Marc Andre ter Stegen’s personal life

Tersteegen was born in Monchengladbach in North Rhine Westphalia. He is married with his longtime girlfriend named Daniela Jehla. He was married in sitges near Barcelona. They both have a child together whose name is Ben and was born on 28 December 2019.


Team Trophies

He won 4 la Liga with Barcelona and also 4 Copa Del Rey. He won 2018 supercopa de espana. One UEFA champions League in 2014/15. He also won UEFA super cup in 2015 in FIFA world cup in 2015. He also won FIFA confederations cup in 2017.

Individual Trophies:

He has won many individual trophies but we are going to list the few prominent ones.

Even Fritz Walter medal under 19 gold medal in 2011. Kicker bundesliga goalkeeper of the season in 2011-12. UEFA save of the season 2014-15. The best FIFA men’s goalkeeper 2019 second place. He was the yashin trophy runner up in 2019. He was also included in FIFA FIFPro world XI v team in 2018.

Thanks in the end I only want to say is he is one of the legendary football keepers of this generation alongside with manual neuer David diga and Buffon. He is one of my favourite football goalkeepers and you can also succeed by following his footsteps.

Thank you keep rising and keep shining.

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