Today we are going to discuss about biography of a star footballer Karim benzema who is the star player of Real Madrid the biggest club of world Spanish giants Real Madrid here we will discuss his early life his start of career his golden era his rise and his achievements and most importantly this stats in the Football world. he is known as the best footballer after Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi he has provide Real Madrid a lot of goals and assists in his career and led then too many victories. He has won many trophies with Real Madrid and as well as individual stats we are lucky to see him play as he such a great footballer and has amazing tactics.

Early life;

First of all we will discuss about his family and most importantly early life which include his start of career and his personal life and childhood life also. His real name is Karim benzema date of birth is 19 December 1987 he was born in Lyon. His sun sign is Sagittarius. he was born in France so basically he is a French.

His father name is Hafid benzema.Karim benzema mother name is Wahida Djebbra.Karim benzema religion is Islam. Karim benzema has 9 siblings. From his childhood he is many difficulties as his parents were not financially strong and he spent a simple life with his siblings.His family was basically migrants and life was not easy for him he had to face many difficulties in his early age

Karim Mustafa benzema from his childhood was very passionate about football. He wanted to become a professional footballer and play for his country France.To follow his dreams at the age of 8 he joined a local football club whose name was Bron Terraillion SC.

He was an amazing player while playing for the club he caught the eye of the management the management of the cloud was very impressed by his talent and then you eat that he would become one of the best footballers in future. He always practiced football in his spare time.While playing for the youth club he caught the attention of Lyon after he played an amazing game in his youth club and in 1996 Lyon was able to sign him.

Football Career;

In 1996 Lyon signed him when noticed his talent and they became interested in him.Lyon signed him and he played for the youth team of Lyon.After he showed great quality of football he was then selected for the senior team in 2004. That was the star of his professional career. He made it to the senior team but could not make his position in the play 11 as had not gained any experience. He was often seen on the bench he got very less time on the field. Karim benzema made his professional debut on 15 January 2005 against FC Metz. He signed a 3 year old contract with the club.

That season Lyon won the league title and he was part of the team.Lyon made it into UEFA champions League and he made his UEFA champions League debut on 6 December 2005 and scored his first professional goal for the club in UEFA champions League. That was a great achievement for a youngster like Karim benzema. Every player wants to score a goal in UEFA champions League.

In season 2007-2008 he played brilliantly and scored 20 goals in the league. He was leading the attack for Lyon. He also became the highest goal scorer in that season in the league.He was also named as the ligue 1 player of the year and also was the part of team of the year.His performance for Lyon was outstanding and every big clubs wanted him as you were a great talent and everyone wanted him in their team.

His time in lyon was full of achievements. He won trophies for his team and also won individual awards.After another great season at Lyon in July 2009 one of the biggest clubs in football Real Madrid approached him they were ready to bid for karim benzema.Spanish giants Real Madrid was able to sign him for 50 million dollars.That was a huge price but Real Madrid knew his talents and they knew that we will play his part in Real Madrid future victories.

Rise Of Career;

Karim Mustafa benzema sign 6 years contract with Real Madrid the contract was very long. in his first season at Real Madrid could not perform up to the mark.After struggling for first two seasons he made his impact in the third season.Karim benzema made his debut for Real Madrid in August 2009.He scored his first goal in September 2009.His third season 4 Real Madrid was just amazing.He scored 32 goals in that season.Karim benzema also won French player of the year in 2011.Karim benzema holds the record of scoring fastest goal in El clasico and he scored that goal in just 21 seconds against one of the best team in world FC Barcelona.That was a great achievement for Karim benzema he proved himself in one of the toughest League in Europe.

After the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid he proved himself an important striker in Real Madrid squad.He led Real Madrid to win several titles.Karim benzema has great achievements for Real Madrid and he won countless trophies for Real Madrid and also won individual awards for him.He also won champion League for Real Madrid and after that he also won three consecutive UEFA champion League for Real Madrid hand became a grade player in Real Madrid squad.Also won French player of the year for three time for his great performance.Karim benzema won both UEFA super Cup and FIFA club World Cup with Real Madrid.

International Career;

  • Karim benzema has played for France at many different levels including u17, u18, u19 and u21 teams.
  • But his official senior debut for France national team in 2007 against Australia and he also scored his first goal for France in that game.
  • His international Career is not good enough has she has not played many games for France and also could not participate in 2010 World Cup 2018 World Cup and 2016 Euro cup for different reasons.


He played for Lyon b team for just two seasons and scored 15 goalsKarim benzema scored 43 goals for Lyon senior team.Karim benzema late 349 games for Real Madrid and scored 169 goals.He is Real Madrid journey is full of achievements and individual awards he has scored in most of the important matches for Real Madrid. He also became the first French player to win three consecutive champions League titles for Real Madrid. He is currently playing for Real Madrid and has to prove much more. He played a major part in winning the la Liga in 2019-2020 season this year. He was named as the best player of the tournament in 2019 and 2020.

He has achieved a lot and has much more to prove.This was a brief biography of French star Karim Mustafa benzema.Hope you have liked it it and stay with us to get latest updates on different footballers.


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