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Today we will discuss about a great player of Football. One of the best goalkeeping in our generation we have seen. Such an talented player that we would love to watch an amazing athlete one of the best talents all across the world. Mostly known as the talented goalkeeper and has a huge number of records in his name and has also earned himself and his team alot of awards. Iam talking about one and only David  De gea. Here we will discuss his biography including his personal life, his football life, his early age, his family, his career, his rise and all other which you always wanted to know.

So let’s start first of all we will discuss about his family.


  • David De gea real name is David De Gea Quintana. He was born in 7 November 1990. He was born in Spain in the city of Madrid which is the capital of Spain.bhis nationality is Spanish. His father name is Jose de Gea and his mother name is Marivi Quintana. He is married to Edurne Garcia Almagro and his sun sign is Scorpio.
  • He father was a goalkeeper and his mother a housekeeper. He is the only son of his parents as a result his childhood was very good. His parents always supported him in every situation. He was very good in studies as his mother always supported him in studies. His father was a former football player so it was in his veins the love for football.
  • As soon as he started showing interest for football his parents encouraged him. He didn’t started his career has a goalkeeper he was a attacking player. His childhood coach also told on an interview that David was a very good player he was very aggressive he could play at every position even if it is attacking defending or any other position on the field. He just like Gigi Buffon started his career as a midfielder and later on became one of the best goalkeeper in the world.

Football Career;

He didn’t focused on goalkeeping but when he turned 14 he started taking interest in goalkeeping. His father was his inspiration he was very close to his father. His talent made him to play for Atletico madrid. He was signed by Atletico Madrid at the age of 13. At this young age he was signed by one of the best clubs in the world.

What an great achievement it was for him. After he was signed he then played for youth team of Atletico Madrid. In the youth team of Atletico Madrid he played very well. He played for youth team for almost 5 years and after that he got an professional agreement to play for senior team of Atletico Madrid. It was the start of his professional career.

Rise Of His Career;

It was a great honour for him. Due to his skills and abilities he made his place to the senior team. Many other clubs wanted to sign him but he decided not to leave. He also rejected a loan move and it made the Atletico Madrid management angry but in 2009 the management noticed his talent and they decided to make him third choice keeper of senior team. He made his debut in UEFA champions League in the match against Porto because the first choice keeper got injured and he got the chance to play. Although that was not a good start for him. He couldn’t save his team to lose. Atletico Madrid lost that match due to his mistakes.

He proved him self in one of the toughest leagues in Europe La liga. Manchester United wanted to sign him but he didn’t moved there and continued in Atletico Madrid. In 2010 and 2011 season he played very well and made his team victories in UEFA super cup. He was being praised by all over the world. He saved a crucial plenty in UEFA super cup and led his team to victory. Many legends praised him including Iker Casillas. Manchester United was very interested in him they wanted to sign him but he said he had an contract till 2013 and after that he can move. But in 2011 he was signed by Manchester United.

Manchester United;

He was signed by Manchester United in July 2011. It was an shocking signing as every one thought he would stay as Atletico Madrid till 2013 but he moved in 2011. In October the same year Manchester United played against Manchester City in UEFA champions League and he gave six goals and it was one of the worst defeat of Manchester United.

He was criticized for his bad performance and he was replaced as an first choice keeper. His first season was very bad and he also said that in an interview. But after next two seasons his career began to rise and he sooner became one of the best goalkeeper and one of the most respected player on the field. He won player of the year Award in both the seasons and later on he won save of the year Award in 2014-2015 season.

In 2016 he again won player of the year Award. What an amazing performance he was giving for Manchester United. He also made an amazing record for wining player of the year award for consecutive three yeats. No player before him could do so. He always wanted to win Golden glove and in 2017-2018 season he won it and also became the part of PFA Team of the year.

Many big clubs wanted to sign him as he was becoming an outstanding player. His skills were very good. Manchester United with the help of made won many titles. He also won many individual awards. His time in Manchester United is full of achievements and in 2019 Manchester United signed a new contract with him and it will end in 2023.


International Career;

  • He plays for one of the best teams of the world Spain. Firstly he played for Spanish U-17 team and won 2007 European Championship and also was the runner up for 2007 World Cup. He was called by Spain senior team in 2014 FIFA world cup.
  • This was the biography of David De Gea what an amazing journey he had. Hope you have liked it and we will update you about his future achievements.


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