Biography of Cristaniio Ronaldo (CR7)


                         In this article we are going to discuss about another football legend and that’s none other than Cristanio Ronaldo also called as CR7. His story is really an inspiration for everyone. Beside the fact that I personally like Messi his biggest rival but you can’t deny the facts about this legendary Portuguese star. He is the only player who is compared to Messi from the last decade and this rivalry is still going. He is specially known for his goal scoring abilities. He is the captain of the Portugal team now. He is really a beast if you look at his story you will come to know from where his great successive journey started and how he managed to go through all that pain and wrote his name in the Golden pages of football.

Now we will guickly start the article without discussing further we will come to our prime topic. In this article we will discuss some general information about Cristanio Ronaldo and his early life and a quick light on his football career and in the end we will see some of his world famous personel and team acvhievements.

General Information about CR7;

                                                        Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro who is genrally called as Ronaldo and often CR7 by football fans. He is the captain of the national team of Portugal. He was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal in a small island. He is now 35 years old.He is pretty tall and he is 6 feet and 2 inches in height. His football position is forward and his jersey number is 7 due to which he is also called as CR7. He has played for the English Club Manchester United from which rise of his career started and then for Spanish Club Real Madrid and now he is playing for the Italian club named Juventus. Cristanio Ronaldo is the father of the four children and currently he is in relationship with the Spanish model Georgina Rodricruz.

  • Charity Efforts;

He is also known for his efforts in charity and Cristanio Ronaldo also  runs his own charity organizations and he always donates whenever he sees any place.Recently in the covid 19 epidemic he donated 1Million Euro. This is not the first time he has been doing a lot for the helpful and needy people from a long time. That’s why he is not only a great footballer but also a very good human being.

Early life of Cristanio Ronaldo;

                                                     Cristanio Ronaldo was born on a small island of Portugal as I toild you earlier he had a lot of problems in his childhood. He belonged to a lower middle class family. He was the youngest child of his parents. He grew up in  Santo Antonio, Funchal. His father name was José Dinis Aveiro who was a municipal community gardener and his mother was a cook. He has 1 elder brother and 2 elder sisters. They all lived in a single room.  The life of CR7 was very difficult at that time he had also been cleaning in his childhood with his father.

Start to the Football World;

                                                In his young age he played for the local football clubs but when he was at the age of 14 he told his parents to leave the school completely so that he could completely focus on his football career.

  • Soon after that a big hurdle came to his life. He was already facing many difficulties in the start of his career specially including financial problems and many more. But this time it was something much dangerous and it was a decease which could have ended Ronaldo’s career. The decease name was the racing heart. In this decease the heart beat of the person suffering became extremely fast. But he decided to operate it and he went under a sugery and soon after the few days of surgery he became completely fit again and he was back to training again.
  • Ronaldo was so good at dribbling that he impressed his coach at just age of 16 who promoted him to spoting’s youth team and his hard work was from a very young age.

“ At just years of age Ronaldo made his first record for the promotion from Under 16,Under 17 and Under 18 and then in the B team and then finally to team A and he did all this in a single calendar year”

It was really a challenging task because people spend their complete lives to come to team A. After this in 2002 Ronaldo made his first debut in the Priemier League and he scored 2 goals and made his team win. After this game some managers of Primier league were really interested in signing him and finally Sir Alex Fursgen signed him for Manchester United at a cost of £12.24 million.

Rise of his Career;

                               He became the youngest teenager to be signed at this cost in the history of Primier League and later on he proved himself as such a good player that this cast looks too low for him. Sir Alex Fursgen polished him in such a great way that the Rest is just history. When hard work and coaching was combined the legendary Ronaldo started writing his name in the good books of Football. He started making record after record and impressed everyone.

  • In 2009 Real Madrid the Spanish club brought CR7 for a world record transfer fee at the cost of 80 Million Euro. This was the peak of his career, BTW I should apologize for this word because he has been at the top from the last decade haha…. He achieved a lot of success their including winning of record 4 champions league and 5 Balon Do’rs and many more. He played for RMA for almost 10 years and in 2018/19 season he moved to Seria A Italy in Juventus.
  • He has been playing there from the last two seasons and he is also making new records there.

Some Big Achievements of CR7;

  1. 5 Ballon Dor’s
  2. 4 European Golden Shoe
  3. 5 Champions Leagues
  4. 2 Laliga
  5. 2 Copa Del Ray

It’s a long list of his achievements. But I’m concluding it with these 5 achievements.

The lesson is whatever problems you a re facing they will pay off you just have to keep going……

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