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Biography and Facts about Muhamed Salah

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Mohamed Salah


                     Yes we are back with another interesting story about another footballer. This story is about the famous Egyptian hero Muhamed Salah. What you will come to know in this article is his complete story and Biography although we cannot cover this legendary story in one article but we will try to describe it in the best possible way in this article. If you are a football fan you are going to enjoy it specially if you are a Liverpool or Egyptian fan and you are searching about your team’s great players and one of the great footballers. We will first see some basic facts and general information about M Salah and then we will discuss about early life and football career and some knowledge about his personnel life and some of his individual and team achievements. Now we will move to the First part of the article…..

Some Facts and Information about M.Salah;

                                                                              Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly commonly known as M.Salah is a Egyptian footballer and he is currently playing for the English club Liverpool and National Egyptian team. He is 27 years old and he was born on 15 June 1992.He was born on Nagrik in Egypt. His current jersey number is 11. His playing position in football is Forwar.

Personal Life;

                             Mo Salah is a 27 years old footballer.His father name is Salah Ghaly and they are 2 siblings. His brother name is Nasr Salah.

Salah got married in 2012 with Maggi Salah. They had a daughter named Mecca who was born in London and she was named after the historic Islamic country. Salah is also a good Muslim and has been seen many time performing Sujood(The action to thank God specially after getting any blessing) after scoring goals as a celebration.

Mohamed Salah Early life and Start of his Football Career;

                                                                                                       Salah was born in a Egyptian family in Bsyoun. He belonged to a middle class family. When Salah started his studies he was not performing well at studies. He was interested in football since childhood. Since he was not performing well in studies so he made a decision to choose football as career and he left studies and shifted his complete focus on football.

He started his football career by playing with his neighbors and then he once played for a school competition. He performed very well there and got the eye of capital Arab Contractors F.C. So this is how Salah joined his football club.

Salah’s Football Journey;

                                              So Salah’s Football journey started from his first official club from Egypt whose name was El Mkoawaloon. He played for 6 years their from 2006 to 2012. He performed very well with the club and after playing for 4 years their he was transferred to the club’s senior team and he played his last 2 years with senior club team.s After that Mo Salah decided to move to the Swiss side and was transfer to Basel for an unknown deal where he played from 2012 to 2014 for 2 years.

He gave them some extra ordinary performances their and then he got the eye of the English club Chelsea and he played there for 1 year. The club was not satisfied with his performances so he was sold to Fiorentina on loan and their he played for 1 year in 2015 and then he was again transferred to Roma in 2015/16 season where he played for 1 year. Though Salah has played for big club like Chelsea in the start of his career but he was not yet coming upto the expectations but after his transfer to Roma things changed.

Rise of His career;

                                 Salah’s career got stabilized there. Although he got most popular at the time in Liverpool but many things changed after the Roma transfer. After playing for 1 year on loan Roma brought him due to his good performances and then he played there for 1 year in 2016/17 season. In this year due to his good performances Salah got the eye of many clubs. His final move was decided with Liverpool in 2017 which is still his club. His record fee clause was 36.9Million Euro which was looking too high for a player like him at the time but Salah proved it wrong later on with his extra ordinary performances. (After coming to Liverpool Salah changed his position from a natural winger to a forward)

After this there was a dramatic change in his game play. He started becoming as one of the Key striker for Liverpool. He scored a record 38 goals a season and broke the record in the history of Primier League. He was already giving good performances but after this season he became very popular worldwide and specially a jam in the eyes of the Liverpool staff and fans. He has won many individual awards and team awards with Liverpool. In the last year they won Champions League and this year also it was very clear that they were going to win Premier League but due to Covid 19 the league got stopped. He is especially popular among Liverpool fans for his great finishing ability.

Now we will have a look at some of his personal and team achievements and then we will conclude the article.

Muhamed Salah Individual and Team Achievements;

2 Swiss Super Leagues

UEFA Champions League: 2018–19

UEFA Super Cup: 2019

FIFA Club World Cup: 2019

Salah has been named the CAF African Footballer of the Year (2017 and 2018), BBC African Footballer of the Year (2017 and 2018), and was selected in the Africa Cup of Nations Team of the Tournament and CAF Team of the Year.

There are many more achievements but we haven’t discussed it in detail specially his records for Liverpool and Egypt. The lesson is the only thing which can help you to succeed in life is hard work. He succeeded because he always kept his struggle no matter what circumstances were. Keep Rising Keep Shining… Thank You! 




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