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History Of West ham United

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Football is the gane of passion and it requires a lot of stamina.The club which I will be talking about it is one of the top club of English premier League at the san English professional club which is best in stratford East London. The club has old history and it plays a unique position in football world.yes I am talking about West ham United the official name of the club is West ham United Football Club. The club is known for its historic value and dominance in the English premier League. The club has proved alot in the years. The club was founded in 1895 and initially the name of the club was Thames Ironworks F.C. The named was chosen because it was the largest shipbuilder on Thames. Thames iron works was one of the main iron works in the country and they were famous as they were the last surving shipbuilders. They build many ships and had a great name. They played their first match the same year it was formed and their squad was including some of the workers of Thames. They played very well and also won the West Ham Charity work. They also won the London league in 1897.

History of  West ham United;

This league at that time was one of the toughest leagues of the country. The employees were playing for the Thames side and they were very good players of the game. They had been a great team and sooner become on the best teams in the country. When the club was announced they played with the kits of blue colour in which both the shorts and shirt was blue it was a unique kit. In the year 1900, they were named as West ham United. This was named after the city in which they were playing. The club firstly played in the Southern League and also played the western league.

They played very well in both the league and competed with one of the best teams of the country. So their dominance in both the leagues led them to the football league in 1919. After playing in the league for almost 4 years they were promoted to the first division because of their great game. They played very well and also became the finalist of the FA cup which is also known as the football Association Cup. They lost the finals against Bolton but it was a great achievement for the team. The period of 1960 was the most fruit full period for the club they won their first FA cup in 1964 when the team was led by Bobby more.

Rise Of Club;

They beat Preston North end in the finals and won the football Association Cup. They were having one of the best players of the country.

When England won the world cup their squad was having many West ham players so you can know that how much talented were the players of West ham United. The club has an important value.

In the year the club was relegated to the second division because they could not play upto the mark. But they comeback stronger and performed very well and they also won the FA cup that year it was a historic moment for the club. In the year 1981 west Ham was again promoted to the first division and they also finished in the top ten in that season. There performance made every one shocked.

In 1994 they appointed Harry as their new coach. He was sign of good luck for the team he was able to sign some world class players he also made his team stronger and helped them win many matches. During his time he made his defence stronger as defence is the main thing in the team it can led to many victories. In the start of 1999 west Ham United finished fifth in the league.

Intertoto cup;

  • They also won the Intertoto cup the same year by beating the French side Metz in the final. Their coach was fired the next year and the new coach who was appointed by the club was Glenn Roeder.
  • He could not lead his team to victories and the team lost many matches and were relegated to the second division. When they were relegated many great players left the club and the club faced a lot of decline. Later on the coach was sacked by the club for the bad performance of the team.
  • Alan was appointed as the new coach of the team and he made some important changes in the club. his coaching led the team to the First Division and that season they achieved ninth position in the league. They were having many problems with the coach so they sacked the coach.
  • They have now a very balanced team and they are emerging as a great team. They are buying some world-class players to make their squad stronger. We will see much more from the club.

About the Stadium;

The club has a stadium. The name of the stadium is London stadium and it has the capacity of almost 60000 people and is one of the largest stadiums in the country. The nickname of the club is The Hammers or they are also known as the Irons. The leading goal scorer for the club is Vic Watson he is also the legend of the club he helped his team to win many titles and also has a total of 326 goals for the club. The player with the most appearances for the club is Billy bonds he has played a total of 799 games for the club in all the competitions. Their current squad is very strong and it includes some world-class players.

This was the detail on the club West ham United. It is a very good club and has a great history. If you liked my article and find it interesting let me know it and remember to share your feedback with us. Also, tell us your favourite club and stay connected with us to get the latest updates on the football world Thanks.

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