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History of Valencia CF

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  • Valencia CF listen Spanish Club which playa for Spanish league laliga. Which is one of the most toughest League in the world. The official name of the club is Valencia club de futbol. the club is one of the top clubs in the world with a very old history plays and significant role in the history of Football. The club was founded on 5 march 1919 but it was approved on 18th march 1919.
  • The first president of the club was octavio Augusto Diaz. The club played its first match on 21 may 1919 and eventually they lost that match. The club then moved into mestalla stadium in 1923. It was a beautiful and large stadium with the capacity of up to 10,000 people.

History Of Valencia CF;

The club one their first match in that ground.they played brilliantly and they also won the regional championship in 1923 and their performance let them to play for the domestic copa del Rey Cup competition for the very first time in the history.

After the foundation of the club few decades were not much fruitful as they were not winning many matches but after the civil war which was broken in Spain and it they begin to taste the victory and they started winning titles they won their first la Liga title In 1942 it was the huge achievement for the club and they were becoming Spanish giants in the football. The club went on winning titles and it was a historic moment for the club after two decades of success they are appointed Alfredo Di Stefano as the manager of the club.

Under his reign the club went on winning their fourth la Liga title the coach lead the team to win the cup winners Cup title in 1980. Future achievement for the club and a great honour for the whole team. The club went on glorious after they were losing for some years they are also lost champion League final in which they could easily won.they lost a Champions League final against Real Madrid in 2000 and the next year they lost the Champions League final against FCB was a huge upset for the team. Love later on wall to la Liga in 2002 and 2004 and they also were successful in winning the UEFA cup in 2004.

Rise Of Valencia CF;

They were on the rise and were looking in stoppable. They were playing very good. It was a remarkable time for the club. After that the club president Pedro Cortes resigned due to some personal reasons and internal issues with the chairman of the club. After then there were also changes in the team staff. Under his reign the club won many matches and some titles. There most successful period in the history was from 1999 up to 2004. They also made a record of winning eleven consecutive games in the league in the season 2001. They were competing for the title race against Real Madrid the competition was very tough as Real Madrid was just two points behind them.

the next gen for the club was a little disappointing as they were not able to win the la Liga title and they were also not able to qualify for the UEFA Champions League as the finished fifth in the league. It was an embarrassing moment for the club as they were the la Liga champions in the previous season MD season click not even qualify for the European cup. They also won the UEFA cup.the next season the club played very well and they were competing for the title race against Real Madrid David only 88 points behind the Spanish giants but Real Madrid lost its few games and Valencia came on the top.

They won the la Liga title the club had won to la Liga titles in three seasons. In December 2005 a new coach was appointed for the club he helped the team finished third in the league and also was able to qualify for the UEFA Champions but they could not compete in the Champions League and they were outclassed by Getafe CF. In October 2007 the club fired its coach due to poor performance and new coach to cover for temporary basis they finished 15th in the league it was one of the poorest performance for the team. The club face many financial issues in the year 2010 they having a huge debt.

Golden Era;

  1. The club started selling some amazing players in order to pay their debts solar cell one of their amazing player David Silva. He was one of the best players of the held at that time they also sell John mata and David Villa which cost them many matches then they could not stable their position in the league. The stadium the club is Mestalla stadium which is located in Spain.
  2. It is having capacity of almost 50 thousand people and it is also the fifth largest stadium in the Spain. The club played its first year at the Algiros stadium.desi radium was firstly having less capacity but they started building at first it was having the capacity of 17 thousand spectators but after that they rebuild the stadium and increased the capacity of the stadium upto 25000. During the time of civil war the stadium was heavily damaged.
  3. So so the club started to rebuild the whole Stadium and in 1950 the new Stadium was built with a capacity of 45000 spectators. And in early 2000 increase the capacity of the stadium up to 50 thousand spectators. Deer kid colour is based on white shirt and black shorts. But it is you need and it is one of the best kids in the Spain with only two colours present on it. The club historic place in the football world. The club has won a total number of 6 la Liga titles the club has also won a total number of eight copa del Re they also reach the finals of of UEFA Champions League for two consecutive time but they were unable to win any of these.
  4. This was the article Valencia CF.the club is known for its amazing game and amazing history. The club has millions of fans from all over the world.if you find this information interesting and informative then give us your feedback and also tell us your favourite football club we will provide you with the best possible information and stay connected with us thanks.

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