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History of Chelsea Football Club

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Football is a game of stamina it is a game of passion.football is played all over the world it is one of the best game in the world and most watched him in the world. It has a very old history and dates that to 3,000 years old one Acient Rome and acient Greece use to play the game. It has a very long and old history. The modern football was announced in in the start of 19th century before that there was no rules and regulations of the game but the start of 19th century rules and regulations of the football was introduced.

Firstly the ball was not round shape after that was made round shaped.there are 11 players on the field playing including one goal keeper.in this game you can touch any part of your body with the ball accept and only the goalkeeper has the like to touch his hands to the ball but within the penalty area. It is the game of peace many players and legends have played this game. Every country has a football team. the major tournament of the football is FIFA World Cup it comes after every four years and top teams from all over the world took part in it. Brazil has won the most numbers of FIFA world cup titles. There are millions and billions of football fans from all over the world.

Chelsea FC;

Chelsea FC is an English club which plays in the English premier League. Its official name is Chelsea Football Club. The club was founded in 1905 it is one of the top club of English football and plays in the top division of English premier League. It is one of the most successful English clubs. The club has won many titles and has a great impact on the football world. The home ground of Chelsea football club is Stamford bridge. The club has a beautiful history. Chelsea Football club won their first league championship in 1955. It was formed in 1905 at the rising sun pub which is now known as the Butcher’s hook. It is present at the Fulham road.

Rise Of the Club:

They were first joining the Southern League but they could not join that league due to some issues. During the times of war it was one of the most famous clubs in the world. They finished third that season. The club was progressing day by day but in the year 1972 till 1983 the club faced decline. They got some problems and financial issues. Vasim season chal si awaaz not out in the FA cup which is known as Football association cup.

  • They were facing many loses from the teams of second division. After a decade of problem in 1990 they came back on the track and won many matches and also won some of the major titles. The team was un beatable was one of the best teams of the world at that time.
  • There home ground was Stamford Bridge which was basically a Athletics stadium but later on it was turned in to a Football stadium. It is a very beautiful ground. The club won many titles including Champions League.
  • Under Jose mourinho era they played incredibly well and won many titles but after few time he left the club. The greatest player of the Chelsea side was Frank lampard and he also became the coach of the team. Under his era they are playing very well.
  • One of the best players of Chelsea was Eden Hazard who helped his team clinch many titles but now he left for Real Madrid. now the new head coach of Chelsea football club Frank lampard he played for Chelsea of almost 13 years and after that he became the head coach of the team. Is scored 211 goals for Chelsea and he is the top goal scorer for his team. new was the main player of the squad in he was also the runner-up in ballon d’Or 2005 awards. You also who was the runner up in FIFA player of the year.

Legendary Era:

Their current squad includes Kai Havertaz who is a mid fielder, Timo Werner who plays as a forward, Christian pulisic who plays a midfielder, kepa who is the goalkeeper of the team, Hakim Ziyech again a midfielder, Thiago Silva who recently joined the Chelsea Football Club from Paris Saint Germain, Ben Chilwell, mason Mount, N Golo Kante who plays as a midfielder and is one of the best midfielders of the world, Tammy Abraham a youngster, Reece James and many more world top 10 players on the list. The owner of the Chelsea Football club is Roman Abramovich.

The nick name given to the club is blues. The colour of their shirt is blue. Their major rivals of the club in the football world are Arsenal Football club, West ham United Football Club, totenham Hotspur football club. This club has produced many legends of the game. One of them is Drogba. This season they managed to take part in UEFA champions League. There are many young players in the Chelsea they are the future of the club all the players are very promising and had great potential in them.

Titles and Trophies;

The club has won many titles and trophies it is one of the most decorated clubs of the English premier League. It has want lead title for six times. Chelsea football club has won two cup winner cup. It also won the UEFA Super cup in 1998 and in 2012 Chelsea managed to win UEFA champions League in 2012. Chelsea the FA cup for seven times. The club has alot of trophes. They have won 30 trophies till now and they will continue to win many more. This club is full of stars and has an amazing fan following. A huge of number people follow Chelsea football club on social media.

This was the introduction of the club. The club has achieved a lot. You liked my article and of you find it interesting and Informative then share your feedback with us and also tell us your favourite club.

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