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Biography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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We are again back with the legendary biography of a Swedish lad. From the country Sweden I think ok you can guess the guy well but if you haven’t yet then his name is none other than zlatan ibrahimovic. In this article we are going to discuss the complete biography of zlatan ibrahimovic in detail. In the first part we are going to discuss some basic information about Zlatan ibrahimovic and then we are going to talk about his football career early life and some big achievements. So let’s start off without wasting time with our first part and that is general information about Zlatan.

Basic facts about Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is Swedish football player who plays for the Swedish national team and club AC Milan.He is counted as one of the legendary strikers of the football world. In this biography you will learn many lessons from the great story of Zlatan ibrahimovic. He is also called as ibra or lion as his nicknames.He is really an inspiration for the people are struggling because he also came from a rough situation.

He is counted as one of the decorated football players alongside with Dani alves and few more as he has won 31 trophies till yet. He was born in Sweden malmo 3rd October 1981. He is 38 years old. Is Karan number with AC Milan is 21. Is position is striker. He has played for many football clubs till yet in different leagues. For the clubs he has played for or malmo FF,ajax juventus,internazionale, FC Barcelona,AC Milan,Paris Saint Germain,Manchester United and La Galaxy. Now let’s start off with his early life and then we will discuss about his football career.

Early life of zlatan Ibrahimovic

He was born in malmo Sweden 3 October 1981. His father name was safic Ibrahimovic who was Muslim and his mother name was Jurka Gravic who was a catholic with partial albanian decent. He belonged to a very poor background. He has also mentioned it in his book”I’m Zlatan” that how he came from such tough situations.

He grew up alongside with his four siblings living in a small housing project in the centre of malmo. He also wrote in his book that only reason of his going to school was free lunches. He didn’t left is hard work and he kept struggling and now you can see him as one of the greatest in the world football. He wrote some really motivative quotations in his biography,

“I wanted to stand up to the whole world and show everybody who doubted me who I really was”

” I could not imagine anyone who had be able to stop me”

“I always try to play it cocky like that. It’s something that has stayed with me since I was little. You could not show any weakness”

Football career of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

He was playing football since I was 6 years old when he got a pair of shoes at this age. He was starting striker at a local club Malmo.

Club Career

His first main club was malmo FF. Please sign his first contract in 1996 with this club. He played really awesome there and got the eye of the douch club ajax. He was officially transfer to ajax on march 2001 on a transfer fee of 8.7 million euro. From 2001 to 2004 he played at ajax and played some really good football. His popularity mainly grew higher when is school solo goal in 2004 against NAC breda. After that he moved to juventus for 16 million euro in 2004 and he played there for two years and he scored 23 goals there. After that he moved to Inter Milan the club tried to convince but he left.he signed a four-year contract with inter Milan on transfer of 24.8 million euro. Ibra also said that he light inter Milan since he was very young.

Rise of His Career

His popularity especially rose when he moved to Barcelona. Although he was a good player since the start he became extremely popular when he moved to Barca. He was transferred to Barcelona with exchange of Samuel Etto plus are reported fee of 59 million. He scored 16 goals at Barcelona. Zlatan in an interview said to the guardian

“I was probably with the best team in the history. The football was beautiful. When I I prepared for a game I knew I already had won it. I looked at the players around me and I saw Messi, iniesta and xavi and Paul and Pique and Dani alves and biscuits. It was football from another planet and I really loved.It was just technically perfect”

After that he moved to inter Milan on loan where he scored 14 goals and then inter Milan permanently bought him and he played there for one more year in 2011-12 and he scored 28 girls their.

PSG Career;

  • After that he moved to PSG and he played there for 4 years from 2012 to 16. He played really special there and became a very popular player in France. Is bite clause was 20 million euro and he received an annual salary of 14 million euro there. His performances werr really liked by PSG fans and he scored 113 goals their.
  • After that he moved to Manchester United in 2006 on a one-year deal and and his salary was reported to be 2 lakh per week. He extended his contract letter and played one more year there but was sadly injured for a long time. He returned back quickly then the estimated time and in a question about this he replied that lions doesn’t recover like humans.
  • Then he moved to LA galaxy and played there in 2019 again came back to Milan and signed a 6 months free contact which could be extended with certain conditions.
  • Now we will and the story of this legendary footballer with some of his achievements.


Team Achievements

Zlatan Ibrahimovic won 4 Trophies with Ajax and 2 SerieA with Juventus. He won 7 trophies with inter Milan including 4 serie A in his all contracts with Inter Milan. HeĀ  won 5 trophies with FC Barcelona. He won record 12 trophies Paris Saint German and won 3 trophies with Manchester United.


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