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Biography of Sadio Mane

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Today we are going to discuss about an outstanding performer on the field and also an amazing and great person. Who have worked hard and he had inspired a lot of people. His journey is full of difficulties his journey is full of obstacles but he trusted in God and worked hard and today he is one of the most wanted footballers in the world. His talent is beyond the limits. His talent is just unmatchable. Yes Ian talking about Sadio Mane a poor boy whose life journey is an inspiration for all. Here we will discuss his personal life his family his football career his early life and his stats in the Football world. Stay connected with as it would be an amazing journey.


First of all we will discuss about his family so let’s start

Sadio Mane date of birth is 10 April 1992. He was born in Sedhiou which is located in senegal. His nationality is Senegalese. His sun sign is Aries. His religion is Muslim and he grew up in Bambali a small village in Senegal. It was a small village which was very remote.

His mother name is Satou Toure. He spent most his childhood with his uncle as his parents were very poor so they could not afford to keep him with them. His childhood was very difficult. He used to play football on streets and could not go to school as his parents could not his schooling. Every morning he used to play football on the streets.

No one would ever thought that he would some day became one of the most talented players of the world. He was very much inspired by Senegal football team when he saw them playing in worldcup and they also won against France in the quarterfinals he then became more passionate about football but his parents were against it.

They had other plans for their child they didn’t wanted to waste his time in football as they thought he would not be able to make it upto professional level as there were very less opportunities. But Sadio Mane didn’t loose hope he played football later his parents also start supporting him but they could not support financially as they were unable to afford his expenditures.


Football Career;

  • Sadio Mane was very lucky. He was not just lucky he was a very hardworking child as he faced many difficulties had one day he was picked by French scouts who were visiting Senegal to find some football talent and they saw potential in Sadio Mane. They believed in him.
  • When they saw Sadio Mane playing they were surprised by his playing skills and the team loved his game and were also admired by him as he was the most talented and poorest member who was giving trails. The scouts took Sadio Mane to France and made him join a club Metz.
  • There he started his professional career as a footballer. His time at Metz was not good enough as he was unable to perform good and scored only 1 goal in 19 games and this made him to demote to third tier. It was an upset for Sadio Mane but then he was called up by Senegal and his performance for Senegal caught the eye of RB Salzburg.

RB Salzburg;

RB Salzburg when noticed his potential approached him. He was signed by RB Salzburg for almost 4 million euros that was a huge amount. On 31 October he scored his first Hatrick for his team against Kalsdorf and in 2013 he scored his first Hatrick in Austrian Bundesliga. He was having an amazing time at RB Salzburg he was performing very well and helped his team win domestic double but after some time he had some problems with the club and he missed a training session which led him to move out of the club.



Southampton took this chance to sign Sadio Mane and he was moved to Southampton in 2014 for 11 million euros. He made his debut for Southampton against Arsenal and helped his team to win that match. He scored his first goal for his club against Sunderland and he won that match. He also set an amazing record by scoring fastest Hatrick in priemer league history he did it in only 2 minutes and 56 seconds.

He also scored 10 goals in his first season. That was a good season for him. His second season started with two important assists and helped his team to attain victory. He also got a red card for a collision with Erik Pieters. In his second season he scored 15 goals and was the top scorer for his team. Later that year Liverpool approached him and he agreed to join them.


  1. We was then signed by one of the biggest clubs in Europe Liverpool. His contract with Liverpool was initially five years old. His signing was made in 2016 and he also became the most expensive African player in history. On August 14 he made his debut for Liverpool against Arsenal and helped his team to win that game.
  2. His performances for liverpool are amazing he helped his team win many titles. In the UEFA champions League 2017-2018 he helped his team to reach the finals but sadly they couldn’t make it they lost to Spanish giants Real Madrid and that year they also made to the top of European premier League but due to one point difference they lost it.
  3. It was a upset for him and the whole team but they didn’t loose hope they tried harder the next year and they started their UEFA champions League campaign and that season they won the title and Sadio Mane played an important part in team’s victory.
  4. It was a wonderful year for him and the next year they also won European premier League title and it was an in forgettable title as they won the title after thirty years and Sadio Mane was the major part of their success. He also won a golden boot for most league goals in the season 2018/2019.

International Career;

Mane was part of Senegal team in 2012. He also represented his country in 2017 Africa cup of Nations and also scored on each of two opening games. His performances for Senegal are good enough as he scored a total of 12 goals for his country in just 42 appearances.

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