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Biography of Paulo Dybala

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Today we will discuss about a very talented younster and an amazing athlete. Juventus sensation. You all must have listened about him. Yes i am talking about One and only Paulo Dybala. One of the most talented star who by his game has entertained us all. His unique style of playing makes him one of the most special footballer. He is known as next Messi or Ronaldo. He is also a very lucky player as he plays both with Messi in international team and also Ronaldo in his club. We are very blessed to see him play. As he is a youngster he has a lot more to play. Here we will discuss about his biography his all details his family his football career his achievements and most importantly his stats in the Football world.


First of all we will discuss about his family Paulo Dybala was born on 15 November 1993. His sun sign is Scorpio he was born in Laguna Latha which is located in Arjentina. His nationality is Arjentinian, Italian and Polish. His father name is Adolfo Dybala and his mother name is Alicia Dr Dybala. He was two brothers whose names are Gustavo Dybala and Mariano Dybala. His parents were financially not good but they were middle class. But his parents always supported him. From childhood Paulo Dybala was interested in football. He always was ready to play football and most importantly his father was along his side and he supported him alot that is why today we are seeing such an amazing player. He always thanks his father as he was the main reason behind his dreams that today are fulfilled. His ethnicity is white and his religion is Catholic.

Football career;

  • He started playing football at a very young age as he was very passionate as soon he turned 14 he was praised for his skills and was being noticed by many youth clubs. But sadly after he turned 15 his father died and it was a very sad moment for him.
  • His father always supported him and he wanted to see his son play a professional game but sadly he died and could not see Paulo Dybala such a amazing career. But Paulo Dybala wanted to fulfill his father desire so he worked hard and in 2011 he joined a youth club Instituto de Cordoba and he made his professional debut for them and in that season he scored 17 goals and broke a record of most goals scored by a youngster in a single season.
  • He was also first player to score two Hatricks in first season. He was performing very well and later he was noticed by an Italian club and they became interested in him and approached him and they were able to sign him.


He was signed by an Italian club in 2012 and he scored his first goal for them in the same year. His performances for the club made his position stronger in the team and he single handedly led his team to many victories and in 2014-2015 season he scored 13 goals and became the top player of the league.

His techniques and precision were unmatchable and made him one of the best players in the league and also made him one of the most wanted player in the league.

Many big clubs wanted to sign him. He played for Palermo for almost three seasons and scored a total of 21 goals. After then Juventus became interested in him as they wanted to sign a long term contract with young Paulo Dybala



So in 2015 he was signed by Italian giants Juventus. He was a very good signing for Juventus and made many records for the club. He made his official debut for Juventus FC against Lazio in 2015 and also scored a goal and helped his team achieve victory.

He scored many important goals for Juventus FC. He also scored a goal in UEFA champions League against Bayern Munich. He also helped his team to clinch the Seria A title and became the top scorer of the club in that season by scoring a total of 23 goals. In 2017 Juventus reached the finals of Champions League but they couldn’t win it as Real Madrid defeated them but his performance in the tournament was good.

In 2017 he scored two goals against Lazio in supercoppa Italiana but his team lost that match. Paulo Dybala scored his 100 career goal against Udinese which is a Seria A team. That was a major accomplishment for the young lad and that match Juventus won. So it was a double celebration.

He is currently playing for Juventus FC and is one of the major part of his team and in this season 2019-2020 season he helped his team to win the Seria A title and also won MVP player of the season award. He is playing with best player of world Cristiano Ronaldo and he learning a lot from him. His talent is unmatchable.

International Career;

He is a star player for Arjentina and he plays along one of the best players of the world Lionel Messi. He made his official debut for Arjentina in 2015 and also was chosen for 2018 FIFA world cup and 2019 Copa America yet he hasn’t won any international trophy in his career.

His career is full of achievements and made him a star in football world. His abilities are amazing.


  • He played for Instituto for only one season and scored 17 goals in just 38 matches he played.
  • He played for Palermo for almost three seasons and scored a total of 23 goals in just 89 games he played.
  • He is currently playing for Juventus. He was signed by Italian giants in 2015 and till now he has played a total of 162 games and scored a total of 68 goals. His career in Juventus is full of achievements and individual awards.
  • This was the biography of Paulo Dyabla. Hope you liked it and stay connected for future updates on football.


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