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today we will discuss about one of the best players and one of the best people in Football history you would have not seen such a player of his kind he is the best goalkeeper in the modern generation of football. Although he is 42 years old but his skills and his passion it is up to the mark and not everyone can reach his level. here we will discuss his biography e which will include his personal life his family is early career his rise of career his achievements and most importantly his stats in the Football world.

So first of all we will discuss his family.


First of all his date of birth is 28 January 1978 he was born in Italy in the city of Carrara. He is very famous for his football. His mother name is Maria Stella buffon. His father name is Adriano Buffon. He has two siblings whose names aur when Guendalina buffon and Veronica buffon. His wife name was Alena Seredova he was married to her in 2011 but it in 2014 they were separated due to their personal issues.

He has two childrens whose names are our David Lee Buffon and Lewis Thomas Buffon.

His family was rich and had very good financial status as they were Italian athletes. His mother Maria Stella was a discus thrower and his father Adriano he was a weightlifter. He had a very loving family and his childhood was very good. His family and his parents also supported him. He was inspired by his parents as they were also part of sports as his interest grew in sports and he at the age of 6 decided to become a football player.

Early life;

His early was very easy as his family was financially strong so he had not to worry about anything his parents also supported him and told him to pursue his dreams. His parents worked on him and made him such an excellent athlete. He told in an interview that he could not decide whether which sports he should choose but when he at the age of 6 his parents made him join a football academy which was nearby and there he played good football and he was a midfielder. The training went good and he started improving. At the age of 10 he played as a midfielder and at that time no one ever knew at he would one day become one of the best goalkeeper in the whole football history.

He changed his mind at the age of ten to become a goalkeeper as he was inspired by a Cameroon keeper Thomas Nkono who also played a world cup and he was a keeper. He was the idol of Buffon so because of Thomas he changed his position form midfielder to goalkeeper.

                         Football Career;

In 1992 he joined Parma fc. He joined Parma fc youth team and then for some years he played for them. He played very well and showed his skills as a goalkeeper. He was playing for the youth team of Parma FC and after some years he had a chance to play for its senior team and he got a chance to play in senior team due to injuries of other goalkeepers so they had no choice to keep Buffon as their goalkeeper. After that he performed very well that he made a permanent place in senior team. He was proving his selection in the senior team he helped his team to win many titles and he made many safes. Due to his great goalkeeping ability Parma FC won the Italian cup, the Italian super cup and a UEFA cup. That was a mind blowing achievement for him. He was doing best for his team and everyone was praising him. He also won a seria A goalkeeper of the year award and also was nominated for balon for award. His performances for Parma FC was noticed by many big clubs as the result of that he was noticed by Italian giants Juventus FC and they started bid for him.


He was signed by the Italian giants Juventus FC in 2001. He was signed for almost £52 million and made him one of the most costly goalkeeper in the Football history. Juventus was critized for paying him that much but he later on proved every one wrong and showed every one his worth. He is one of the most important signings in the Juventus FC histoty. After his arrival to Juventus FC he helped his team win for League titles in a row that was an amazing record for him and in every season his performance was very good he played with his heart and led his team to many victories he also helped his team to win Italian super ups. He also won UEFA footballer of the year award in 2003. His talent was beyond the limits. His performance in the world cup was incredibly good and he also very close to win Balloon for but he finished second. Only few goalkeepers could reach up to that mark.

After that he had some bad time as he was included in some controversies and was included in some scandal as a result he was not performing good and due to his bad performance Juventus FC was not able to win league titles for two seasons. At that time of career he was at the risk of getting fired but Juventus FC kept him and he made a comeback and he was even more stronger than before and made his team more stronger and led them to win many titles and also became Seria A goalkeeper of the year and earned an award for his amazing skills. In 2017 he was named as the FIFA goalkeeper of the year award and was also part of UEFA team of the year.


Paris Saint Germain PSG;

He was then signed by Paris Saint Germain PSG and it was a shocking signing as he left Juventus FC after so many years his fans were very upset. But thank God he was signed only for one year. He made his debut in 2018 for Paris Saint Germain PSG and he just played for a year there and came back to his former club JuventusFC.

In an interview he also told that it was his bad decision to join Paris Saint Germain PSG but he is now happy to be again part of his former club Juventus FC and he also became the captain of Juventus FC and he is currently playing for Juventus and also his contract is renewed for one year and has more time to play.

Despite of his age he has proved every one wrong he is giving amazing performances for his team that no one can say he is 42 years old.

That was the biography of Italian legend Buffon. Hope you liked it.


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