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Biography of Erling Haaland

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Today we are going to discuss about biography of a star player Erling Haaland is one of the best youngsters in current football world.He has much mole to true in upcoming future his talent is upto the mark and he is compared to one of the legends.

His talent is beyond the limits and he has proved his worth in one of the top league in the world.I am talking about erling haaland.Here we will discuss his family his early life his start of career and his stats and most importantly his achievements.This youngster lad is also called as a robot for his incredible technique and its outstanding goal scoring ability.First of all we will discuss about his family.


Erling Halaand real name is Erling Braut Halaand.His date of birth is 21 July 2000.He was born in England in the city of Leeds.His mother name is Gry Marita and his father name is Alfinge Haaland.His nationality is Norwegian.Erling Halaand has two siblings whose names are Astor and Gabrielle.

Erling Halaand lived his most of the life in Norway because his father who was a professional football player retired there.As a child he was interested in football. His passion for football as he was inspired by his father was also a professional football player.His passion led him to a local club in his hometown whose name was Bryne.It was a local academic Club.

Football Career;

Erling Halaand was six years old when he joined youth club. No one knew at that time that in future he would become on of the best footballers of his generation.He was very passionate about football and was ready to do whatever he could do to become a great player.He worked very hard to achieve his dreams.

At the age of 15 he made his debut in Football. He played outstanding Football for Bryne and due to his hard work and passion he was noticed by football scout who then approached him and asked him to come to Norway’s first league.That was a golden opportunity for him.He joined Molde a Norwajean Club. He firstly trained with the first team.After 1 year he got a chance to play for his team. He scored a goal in his debut match and made every one suprised by his outstanding performance.

Erling Halaand was very young and was performing at a big stage. His performance was noticed by all the bit clubs around the globe.He performed very well and also got Eliteserian Breakthrough of the year.It was a great achievement for such a talented youngster.Big clubs like Juventus and Leverkusen wanted to sign the young talented player but Erling Halaand was not interested in them.In 2018 he signed for RB Salzburg.He signed for RB Salzburg so that he would get more playing time and you would get enough time toprove his worth.

Rise Of Career;

He was presented by the club in January 2019.In July he scored his first Hatrick for the team. He never stopped proving himself in a top league. He kept on scoring and made his place in the team noticeable.He also broked many records and also made a record for scoring in 4 consecutive games at such a young age.He scored his first UEFA champions League goal against Napoli.

He was a striker in his team and made his team much stronger than before.His performances made Dortmund interested in him. They eagerly wanted to sign him. Dortmund signed him in January 2020.He also scored a debate hat trick for bundesliga team Dortmund after coming and substitute and made a record of becoming first player to score a hatrick after coming as a substitute in his first game.What a record it was for him.He is the first player to score 7 goals in his first 3 matches for Dortmund and he is just 21 years old.

For a youngster like him it is a great achievement.In 2019-2020 UEFA champions League he perform very well and became the first youngster to score in 5 consecutive UEFA champions league matches.In UEFA champions league season 2019-2020 he performed brilliantly and scored 10 goals in the competition.That was a great tournament for him.

National team Career;

However Erling Halaand could also play for England but he wanted to play for Norway so he played for Norway.

He made his official senior team debut in September.

He represented Norway in different age groups. He also made a record in U20 world cup after scoring 8 goals in a single match.

I know it is hard to believe that he scored 8 goals in a single match but he did so that is why he is known as a Robot.


He played for Bryne in 1 division and was not able to score in any of his 16 Games.He then played for Molde for two seasons and scored 20 goals in just 50 games.His stats in RB Salzburg are just amazing as he scored 29 goals in just 27 games in a single season.

He is currently playing for Borussia Dortmund and has scored 16 goals till now and had just played 18 games and has much more to play.He has played only 2 games for Norway senior team but hasn’t scored yet.His idol is Cristiano Ronaldo he wanted to become like him.He has the ability to become a great footballer like his idol. His accuracy his timing to the ball and his shot power is just wonder full.

He has a great body. He has kept his fitness as n football fitness is very much needed. He is just 21 years old and he has many challenges in his future years. Hope he becomes one of a legend player and continues his form.That was a brief biography of star player hope you have like it and stay connected with us for future updates about football.


Antoine Griezmann biography (Facts, Early life and Football Career)

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We are back with another interesting story about another football star. This time the player we are going to discuss is Antoine Griezmann. We are going to discuss his complete Biography in this article. First we will give a short introduction of the player and will try to inform my dear football and French Star fans with some basic facts about him. In the 2ns part we will discuss his childhood life and start of his career and then we will also have a quick look at his personnel life. At the end we will look at some of his big achievements. So now we will move to our first part without discussing it further and that is Introduction.

General Information ;

                       Antoine Griezmann is a French footballer. His playing position is forward. He is currently playing in the Spanish league LaLiga for F.C Barcelona and the French national team.  His jersey number with Barcelona is 17 and with French National team is 7. He is 29 years old.He is 5 feet and 9 inches in height. He was born in Macon in France on March 21 1991. He was married in 2017 and his wife name is Erika Choperena. They have 2 children together whose names are Mia Griezmann, Amaro Griezmann. He is one of the great strikers of the Era and has been a very key player in the past for Athletico Madrid and other teams he had played.

Early life and Start of Football Career;      

                                                                 The story of this great football player started in France in the city of Macon. He was born on 21st March 1991. His father name was Alian and he was a town councilor and his mother named Isabelle was the cleaning in charge of a team in the hospital. His pation towards football was because of his mother who basically a Portuguese and her father was a football player who played for F.C. Paços de Ferreira.  He often visited Portugal in his childhood life.

Start of Football;

                               Antoine Griezmann football career was started for a former club UF Macon. He their gave trials and applied for many professional football clubs but he was rejected. Although he was pretty good at playing but football is a game where you’re having good physique is very important and Griezmann was very weak since childhood. In 2005 when Griezman was playing on a trial against PSG youth side he played very well and this became the turning point of his career. The scouts of Real Sociedad were there and they were impressed with his play. They offered him a one week trial.

He was later offered another week to stay and then his historic journey started and he kept playing for their Youth System for 4 years. He their improved his game a lot and the left winger completely changed. After spending for 4 years he finally got a chance to appear in the club’s preseason campaign in 2009/10 and he performed very well in the first four matches but he was injured later.

Griezmann on his Idol,

“I liked [Beckham] a lot. He was my idol. That’s why I wear a long-sleeved jersey and wear the No.7. He had a lot of class on and off the pitch. That’s what I liked about him. No one had the right foot he had.”

Due to his performance with the club he got the eye of the many professional clubs including Manchester united and Arsenal and some other big clubs but he decided to stay at the club and signed his first official deal with the club. It was a 5 year contract with the club with a 30 million Euro deal.

Then he performed their extra ordinary and developed his game more and more. He was just becoming an extra ordinary striker.

Transfer to Athletico Madrid;

                                                   In 22 August he a contact was made between Athletico Madrid and Real Societed and after passing the fitness tests a 6 year deal was signed on 29 july. His performances with the club were satisfying and were gradually improving and he improved a lot in the first 2 seasons.

He became especially popular in the 3rd season with the club. He gave extra ordinary performances that year. He was nominated as Ballon d’Or and FIFA Best Player. During this time he completed his first 100 goals for Laliga and his fee clause was increased to €100 million (£87 million).

After that he played for 2 more years for Athletico Madrid. He became very popular and was one of the most loved players by fans in Athletico Madrid.

Transfer to Barcelona;

                                                     He made a contract with Barcelona in 2019 when Neymar left the club. He was transferred at a clause of €120 million. He is slowly adopting the Barca play style and is performing well with the club. Though he is not playing at the required level but hopefully he will in future. In FCB style of play on his transfer Griezman said,

                                                     “I didn’t leave Atletico neither to win the Champions League nor to win more trophies, I left Atleti to learn a new style of play, new philosophies. To learn another style of football, another team. Atleti can win LaLiga and the Champions League any year.”

Now we will see some of his achievements and then we will finish the article….


  •   He was also named La Liga Best Player in 2016, and finished third for both the 2016 Ballon d’Or and 2016 Best FIFA Men’s Player awards. Griezmann was again nominated for the awards in 2018, finishing third and sixth respectively, as he helped Atlético win the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League, scoring twice in the final.
  • He also won UEFA euro Adidas Golden boot.
  • He also recently won the worldcup with France in 2018 in Russia when they defeated Croatia in the final.
  • Real Sociedad
  • Segunda División: 2009–10
  • Atlético Madrid[176]
  • UEFA Europa League: 2017–18
  • UEFA Super Cup: 2018
  • Supercopa de España: 2014
  • France U19
  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship: 2010

Biography of Thiago silva

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Here we are going to discuss about biography of a star footballer Thiago silva. He is a Brazilian footballer and plays for PSG which is one of the toughest club in the Football history. He is one of the best defenders in football era. He is a central defender and now he has moved from PSG to Chelsea Football Club.

Here we will discuss about his early life is start of career is golden era his rise and his achievements and most importantly his stats in the Football world.

His career is full of amazing achievements and individual awards.

First of all we will discuss about his early life and about his family.



  • Thiago Silva real name is Thiago Emiliano da Silva.
  • His date of birth is 22 September 1984.
  • He is mostly known for Thiago Silva.
  • His Father name is not known.
  • His mother name is Angela Maria da Silva.
  • His brother name is Erivelton Emiliano da Silva.
  • His sister name is Danila Emiliano da Silva.
  • He was born in Brazil in the city Rio de Janerio.
  • He is married and his wife name is Isabele da Silva.
  • He has two childrens whose names are Isago da Silva and Iago da Silva.
  • His religion is Christianity.
  • His father was separated from them at a very early age of the Thaigo Silva so he could not spend much time with his father.
  • His early life was very difficult he faced many circumstances.
  • As father left them they had no other source of finance.
  • His life was never easy as they had to face financial crises and he had no father to support him and every child needs his parents to support him.
  • His mother married again then and his stepfather supported him and in an interview he also thanked him for his support which his father had shown to him.

Football Career;


Thiago Silva started his Football career at a local clubs in Brazil like.Juventude and RS Futebole Club..When he was 20 he was performing exceptionally good for his local club which caught the eye of many big clubs including Portugal big clubs like FC Porto.Then FC Porto approached him and he was signed for FC Porto for 3 million dollars.He was signed in 2004.After an year playing in Portugal he could not impress them so he was sent on loan to a Russian club Dynamo which is located in Moscow.After he went to Moscow his downfall started that was the worse decision ever taken by Thiago Silva as he could not bear cold weather of Russia and sooner became very ill.

He was nearly on the death bed.He spent a year in Dynamo club but most of the time he was admitted in hospital for his fatal condition.Thiago Silva became disheartened after that he decided to retire from football but his mother was beside him and insisted him not to give up.His mother told him to fight and rose again.Due to his mother he changed his mind not to quit football.After he was cured he didn’t move to Dynamo Club he just left the club and moved back to Brazil where he started playing for Fluminense.

Rise Of Career;

He then played with his heart and became best player in Fluminense and all over the country he was noticed and in his city he was praised by young fans.He was signed by Fluminense in January and he played his first season for them.In that season the team couldn’t perform well but Thiago Silva was one of the best players in the season.This season waa not good for the team but in 2007 season the club just made it to the 4 spot in the season and made an incredible record in defending as they conceded very less goals. This was just because of Thiago Silva.

In 2007 he won Copa do Brazil it was his first Copa do Brazil. He played his important part in teams victory. His incredible performance in the season and the tournament brought him to Brazil National side.He was also named as one of the best central defenders in that season.After amazing performance for Fluminense he was approached by Milan management and they were very interested in him so after few months they were able to sign him.He firstly played for Milan first team as he had to grew confidence his performance for the first team of Milan was very good so in 2009 he became the part of senior team.

His debut for Ac Milan came on August. His performance in that match was noticable.He was noticed all over the world for hi s performance and every one was praising him.On January 2010 Ac Milan defeated Juventus and Thiago Silva was named as the best player of the day.Thaigo Silva was on the way of becoming best defenders in the world.He was also named as Milan player of the season.on January he was compared to one of the greatest player of AC Milan Franci Baresi.He was also part of UEFA team of the year in 2011.His time at Ac Milan also included some serious injuries which led him to miss many games for Ac Milan.


He also was named as the Serie A team of the year and was declared as the best defender in Serie A.After his amazing performance in AC Milan PSG came forward to sign him but he was not interested to leave AC Milan but PSG offered a huge amount to AC Milan that they could not resist and after few months he was signed by PSG.He then became the most costliest defender in football history.

He continued playing for PSG and played very well. His performances for PSG are very good he became the captain of French side and also led his team to first ever UEFA Champions League final but could not win that match and after that matched he moved to Chelsea. He is known as the best central defenders of this generation.


Biography and Facts about Muhamed Salah

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Mohamed Salah


                     Yes we are back with another interesting story about another footballer. This story is about the famous Egyptian hero Muhamed Salah. What you will come to know in this article is his complete story and Biography although we cannot cover this legendary story in one article but we will try to describe it in the best possible way in this article. If you are a football fan you are going to enjoy it specially if you are a Liverpool or Egyptian fan and you are searching about your team’s great players and one of the great footballers. We will first see some basic facts and general information about M Salah and then we will discuss about early life and football career and some knowledge about his personnel life and some of his individual and team achievements. Now we will move to the First part of the article…..

Some Facts and Information about M.Salah;

                                                                              Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly commonly known as M.Salah is a Egyptian footballer and he is currently playing for the English club Liverpool and National Egyptian team. He is 27 years old and he was born on 15 June 1992.He was born on Nagrik in Egypt. His current jersey number is 11. His playing position in football is Forwar.

Personal Life;

                             Mo Salah is a 27 years old footballer.His father name is Salah Ghaly and they are 2 siblings. His brother name is Nasr Salah.

Salah got married in 2012 with Maggi Salah. They had a daughter named Mecca who was born in London and she was named after the historic Islamic country. Salah is also a good Muslim and has been seen many time performing Sujood(The action to thank God specially after getting any blessing) after scoring goals as a celebration.

Mohamed Salah Early life and Start of his Football Career;

                                                                                                       Salah was born in a Egyptian family in Bsyoun. He belonged to a middle class family. When Salah started his studies he was not performing well at studies. He was interested in football since childhood. Since he was not performing well in studies so he made a decision to choose football as career and he left studies and shifted his complete focus on football.

He started his football career by playing with his neighbors and then he once played for a school competition. He performed very well there and got the eye of capital Arab Contractors F.C. So this is how Salah joined his football club.

Salah’s Football Journey;

                                              So Salah’s Football journey started from his first official club from Egypt whose name was El Mkoawaloon. He played for 6 years their from 2006 to 2012. He performed very well with the club and after playing for 4 years their he was transferred to the club’s senior team and he played his last 2 years with senior club team.s After that Mo Salah decided to move to the Swiss side and was transfer to Basel for an unknown deal where he played from 2012 to 2014 for 2 years.

He gave them some extra ordinary performances their and then he got the eye of the English club Chelsea and he played there for 1 year. The club was not satisfied with his performances so he was sold to Fiorentina on loan and their he played for 1 year in 2015 and then he was again transferred to Roma in 2015/16 season where he played for 1 year. Though Salah has played for big club like Chelsea in the start of his career but he was not yet coming upto the expectations but after his transfer to Roma things changed.

Rise of His career;

                                 Salah’s career got stabilized there. Although he got most popular at the time in Liverpool but many things changed after the Roma transfer. After playing for 1 year on loan Roma brought him due to his good performances and then he played there for 1 year in 2016/17 season. In this year due to his good performances Salah got the eye of many clubs. His final move was decided with Liverpool in 2017 which is still his club. His record fee clause was 36.9Million Euro which was looking too high for a player like him at the time but Salah proved it wrong later on with his extra ordinary performances. (After coming to Liverpool Salah changed his position from a natural winger to a forward)

After this there was a dramatic change in his game play. He started becoming as one of the Key striker for Liverpool. He scored a record 38 goals a season and broke the record in the history of Primier League. He was already giving good performances but after this season he became very popular worldwide and specially a jam in the eyes of the Liverpool staff and fans. He has won many individual awards and team awards with Liverpool. In the last year they won Champions League and this year also it was very clear that they were going to win Premier League but due to Covid 19 the league got stopped. He is especially popular among Liverpool fans for his great finishing ability.

Now we will have a look at some of his personal and team achievements and then we will conclude the article.

Muhamed Salah Individual and Team Achievements;

2 Swiss Super Leagues

UEFA Champions League: 2018–19

UEFA Super Cup: 2019

FIFA Club World Cup: 2019

Salah has been named the CAF African Footballer of the Year (2017 and 2018), BBC African Footballer of the Year (2017 and 2018), and was selected in the Africa Cup of Nations Team of the Tournament and CAF Team of the Year.

There are many more achievements but we haven’t discussed it in detail specially his records for Liverpool and Egypt. The lesson is the only thing which can help you to succeed in life is hard work. He succeeded because he always kept his struggle no matter what circumstances were. Keep Rising Keep Shining… Thank You! 




Biography if Dani Alves (The Tarantula)

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Dani Alves

Yes we are back with an inspirational biography of another football legend. This player is none other than Dani Alves. In this article we are going to inform you his complete story from his birth to his early life and start of football career and rise of his career and personal life and some facts about Dani Alves and at the end we will see some of its big achievements. He is a very funny player and he is often seen very active on social media with videos and pictures. Now we will start it with knowing some basic things about the player.


Dani Alves plays for the Brazilian team and has played for many legendary clubs and is current playing for the Sao Paula. His position in football is Right back. He is 37 year old. He was born in Brazil in the city of Juaziro on 6 May 1983. His height is 5feet and 8 inches. He has played for Bahia, Sevilla and FCB  and Juventus and PSG in the past. He has many achievements but few very important ones are about his trophies. He is the player with the most trophies in the football world and his career is still not finished. He has won a total of 43 trophies.

“Another important thing is his football position right back. The football experts say he has changed the definition of the full backs in football. You can also say that he is the player after which attacking football by full backs have started. Before him the role of Full backs was not same which is after him. He has completely changed the definition of fullback.”

Now we will discuss few things about his early life and start and rise of his football journey.

Early life of Dani Alves;

                                           He was born in Brazil in the city of Juaziro on 6 May 1983. His father name is Domingos. His father was a farmer by his profession.He belonged to a very poor family and this successive journey was not easy at all. He started playing football since his childhood and his father was also very passionate about it since he was born in a football loving country like Brazil. So in his childhood he played with his neighbors and somehow he managed to make a team.

He started playing as a winger in childhood but because of his less scoring ability his father changed his position to right back which is his position till now. He was not coached by brilliant coaches and he even didn’t have football gadgets to practice football. In his village there was no ground for football. It is said he had to traveled 42 km daily to play football and to find a ground (He recently visited his village and the football ground in which he played his complete childhood. He has made a football ground there and provided many basic facilities to his needy villagers). Because he belonged to a poor family he also worked as a farmer and laborer with his father in childhood.

He had slept on a bed which was made of cement all his childhood. His lifestyle was not same as is now. He is living a very lavish life current now because your efforts always pay. Just don’t quit keep going is the lesson and you will find your dreams.

Start of football career;

                                           After this all hard work he stated playing very good football and the first club he joined was Esporte Clube Bahia in 2001. He impressed his coach in his first game in a 3:0 win in which he played an important role and soon after that he was promoted to first team.

  • Transfer to Sevilla;

                                 In 2002 due to his awesome performances he was transferred to Sevilla on loan. After his eye catching performance in 2003 FIFA World Youth Championship where he impressed Brazil this move was made permanent.

  • Transfer to FCB;

                            His transfer to FCB was done on 2 July 2008 and due to his stunning performances he was the 3rd most expensive defender. He achieved a lot with FCB and is remembered as one of the legendary players of Barca. He has stayed in FCB for 8 years.

  • Move to Juventus;

                                  On 27 June 2016 he moved to Italy and started playing in Juventus and he also gave an awesome performance there too and stayed there for 1 year and won a Copa Italia and then moved to French side.

  • PSG transfer of Dani Alves;

                                             On 12 July 2017 he was transferred to PSG for a fee transfer and he stayed their till 2019 and then he moved to Sao Paulo in which he wished to play earlier too.

  • Move of Sao Paulo;

                                                   On 1 August 2019 he made a contract with Sao Paulo till 2022 and is still playing for the club and he is entertaining his fans.



Dani Alves had won many trophies and he had a famous world record for winning most trophies by a single player (43). Here we will list some of his main achievements.

Bahia: 2001-02

Campeonato Baiano — 2001

Copa do Nordeste (2) — 2001, 2002

Sevilla: 2002-08

Copa del Rey — 2006-07

Supercopa de Espana — 2007

Uefa Cup (2) — 2005-06, 2006-07

Uefa Super Cup — 2006

Barcelona: 2008-16

La Liga (6) — 2008–09, 2009–10, 2010–11, 2012–13, 2014–15, 2015–16Copa del Rey (4) — 2008–09, 2011–12, 2014–15, 2015–16

Supercopa de Espana (4) — 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013

Champions League (3) — 2008–09, 2010–11, 2014–15

Uefa Super Cup (3) — 2009, 2011, 2015

Fifa Club World Cup (3) — 2009, 2011, 2015

Juventus: 2016-17Serie A — 2016-17

Coppa Italia — 2016-17

PSG: 2017-presentTrophee des Champions — 2017

Coupe de la Lige — 2017-18

Coupe de France — 2017-18

Ligue 1 (2) — 2017/18, 2018/19

Brazil: 2006-presentCopa America — 2007, 2019Confederations Cup (2) — 2009, 2013

Due to his efforts for football and for humanity he was also appointed as Special Olympic Ambassador for football.

His story is really a motivation for us and the lesson is hard work always pays off. We should keep going.

#Rise and Rise.



Biography of Sergio Ramos (The Spanish Beast)

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                      We are back with another biography of a great footballer and another motivation for you. In this article we will come to know about the world famous Spanish full back player. Yes and it’s none other than the great Sergio Ramos. He is also called as the best football defender of the current generation.

But here we will discuss his story from the start. We will have a look at his life since his birth and then early life and his career as footballer and some basic facts about Sergio Ramos and the most important thing that how managed to become such a great player as a defender in the history of football. What were the reasons behind his phenomenal successive journey?

Now we will start the article without wasting our time further from some basic general information about Sergio Ramos.




General Info about Sergio Ramos;

                                                             Sergio Ramos Garcia commonly known as Ramos is a world famous football player. He is the current Captain of the Spanish team and the famous Spanish club Real Madrid. He is 34 years old. He was born on 30 marches 1986 in a Spanish city named Camas. His jersey number is 4.  He is 6 feet in height. He is widely known for his extra ordinary defensive skills and also sometimes scoring in crucial matches for his team. He is a very aggressive player and due to which he had been shown yellow and red cards a number of time by the Referees. His passion in the game is always reflecting through his actions. He is also known as great leader because during his leadership the Spanish team and the Real Madrid has achieved a lot which speaks of his abilities.

Now we will move on to the next part which is about his early life and a little information regarding his personnel life.

Ramos’s Early Life;

                                Ramos was born on 30th march 1986 in Spain. His father name is Jose Maria Ramos and his mother name is Paqui Ramos. Since his birth in Seville Ramos was not interested in football since the start. He was keenly interested in becoming a Bullfighter and this was because he grew in a city where bullfights were very popular. He watched the Bullfighting game all the day.

Sergio Ramos had also claimed this in interviews that his intention and the goal was always to be a Bull fighter but it was a dangerous career to choose and his mother always worried about it. His elder brother named Rene suggested his mother to choose football as a career since it was less dangerous and he is the only reason behind he started his career as football player and we are able to watch one of the greatest player in the history of football. (His brother Rene now acts as his agent).

Ramos’s Football Journey;

Since his brother had convinced Ramos and his parents to let Ramos gives a try to football. Then they had got a trainer to polish the football talent of Sergio Ramos.

After that Ramos joined his first ever club for football named as FC Camas. He was a very good player since the start and during his early days he won many awards there. They polished the talent of football in Sergio Ramos in such a way that he became an eye catching player to sign for the Sevilla Club.

Transfer to Sevilla;

Sergio Ramos performed very well at Sevilla. He also scored goals and he started becoming an eye catching player for the coaches and the other staff members. He first played alongside with the youth system of club. Soon after his performances he was upgraded to the Sevilla B team in 2003/04 season and after progressing to B team it didn’t took long to Sergio Ramos for the selection of A team. During the 2004/05 season he played for the club’s A team. He made his debut with Sevilla’s A team in Laliga on February 1 2004. After playing that year with Sevilla Ramos became an attraction for the football world.

Ramos’s Real Madrid Journey:

The war of signing Sergio Ramos started in clubs and many clubs approached him but the Real Madrid finally won the battle and they made a contract with Ramos. It was a very expensive contract for such a young player at that time but Real Madrid was impressed with his defending as well as goal scoring skills. Later on he achieved so much for Madrid fans and is still achieving that it looks a cheap transfer for such an absolute wonder for RMA. His transfer amount for RMA in 2005 season was 27Million Euro.

His Madrid journey is itself a history. He signed many contracts with RMA and his achievements with Real Madrid are absolutely phenomenal. He became RMA’s Captain in 2015 and signed a 5 years contract with Real Madrid till 2020. His Madrid journey is a long story but we will move on to our next topic ….because no article is enough for it, you can even right a book on it.

International Career;

                                   Ramos international career started in 2002 when he was signed by Sevilla’s Youth system. He played as an U17 player for spain. Then he played as an U19 player for Spanish team in 2004. With his extra ordinary performances Ramos was promoted to U21 team and then to the main Spanish team in 2005 when he was signed by RMA.

Personal Life;

                       Ramos has been in Relation with a lot of Models but he finally came into relationship with journalist/actress named Pilar Rubio in 2012. They had three sons together. Later on they got engaged and then Ramos married with Pilar Rubio in 2019 in his hometown.

Ramos’s family has always been special for him. His brother is his football agent. Ramos is catholic and his arm is full of tattoo. Ramos is fond of horses and he has a farm in his hometown. His horse “Yucatan SR4” became a world champions in 2018.

Sergio Ramos has achieved a lot of Individual and team trophies which we will discuss letter in some other article. Hope you enjoyed and will learn from the the inspiration.

Biography of Cristaniio Ronaldo (CR7)

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                         In this article we are going to discuss about another football legend and that’s none other than Cristanio Ronaldo also called as CR7. His story is really an inspiration for everyone. Beside the fact that I personally like Messi his biggest rival but you can’t deny the facts about this legendary Portuguese star. He is the only player who is compared to Messi from the last decade and this rivalry is still going. He is specially known for his goal scoring abilities. He is the captain of the Portugal team now. He is really a beast if you look at his story you will come to know from where his great successive journey started and how he managed to go through all that pain and wrote his name in the Golden pages of football.

Now we will guickly start the article without discussing further we will come to our prime topic. In this article we will discuss some general information about Cristanio Ronaldo and his early life and a quick light on his football career and in the end we will see some of his world famous personel and team acvhievements.

General Information about CR7;

                                                        Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro who is genrally called as Ronaldo and often CR7 by football fans. He is the captain of the national team of Portugal. He was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal in a small island. He is now 35 years old.He is pretty tall and he is 6 feet and 2 inches in height. His football position is forward and his jersey number is 7 due to which he is also called as CR7. He has played for the English Club Manchester United from which rise of his career started and then for Spanish Club Real Madrid and now he is playing for the Italian club named Juventus. Cristanio Ronaldo is the father of the four children and currently he is in relationship with the Spanish model Georgina Rodricruz.

  • Charity Efforts;

He is also known for his efforts in charity and Cristanio Ronaldo also  runs his own charity organizations and he always donates whenever he sees any place.Recently in the covid 19 epidemic he donated 1Million Euro. This is not the first time he has been doing a lot for the helpful and needy people from a long time. That’s why he is not only a great footballer but also a very good human being.

Early life of Cristanio Ronaldo;

                                                     Cristanio Ronaldo was born on a small island of Portugal as I toild you earlier he had a lot of problems in his childhood. He belonged to a lower middle class family. He was the youngest child of his parents. He grew up in  Santo Antonio, Funchal. His father name was José Dinis Aveiro who was a municipal community gardener and his mother was a cook. He has 1 elder brother and 2 elder sisters. They all lived in a single room.  The life of CR7 was very difficult at that time he had also been cleaning in his childhood with his father.

Start to the Football World;

                                                In his young age he played for the local football clubs but when he was at the age of 14 he told his parents to leave the school completely so that he could completely focus on his football career.

  • Soon after that a big hurdle came to his life. He was already facing many difficulties in the start of his career specially including financial problems and many more. But this time it was something much dangerous and it was a decease which could have ended Ronaldo’s career. The decease name was the racing heart. In this decease the heart beat of the person suffering became extremely fast. But he decided to operate it and he went under a sugery and soon after the few days of surgery he became completely fit again and he was back to training again.
  • Ronaldo was so good at dribbling that he impressed his coach at just age of 16 who promoted him to spoting’s youth team and his hard work was from a very young age.

“ At just years of age Ronaldo made his first record for the promotion from Under 16,Under 17 and Under 18 and then in the B team and then finally to team A and he did all this in a single calendar year”

It was really a challenging task because people spend their complete lives to come to team A. After this in 2002 Ronaldo made his first debut in the Priemier League and he scored 2 goals and made his team win. After this game some managers of Primier league were really interested in signing him and finally Sir Alex Fursgen signed him for Manchester United at a cost of £12.24 million.

Rise of his Career;

                               He became the youngest teenager to be signed at this cost in the history of Primier League and later on he proved himself as such a good player that this cast looks too low for him. Sir Alex Fursgen polished him in such a great way that the Rest is just history. When hard work and coaching was combined the legendary Ronaldo started writing his name in the good books of Football. He started making record after record and impressed everyone.

  • In 2009 Real Madrid the Spanish club brought CR7 for a world record transfer fee at the cost of 80 Million Euro. This was the peak of his career, BTW I should apologize for this word because he has been at the top from the last decade haha…. He achieved a lot of success their including winning of record 4 champions league and 5 Balon Do’rs and many more. He played for RMA for almost 10 years and in 2018/19 season he moved to Seria A Italy in Juventus.
  • He has been playing there from the last two seasons and he is also making new records there.

Some Big Achievements of CR7;

  1. 5 Ballon Dor’s
  2. 4 European Golden Shoe
  3. 5 Champions Leagues
  4. 2 Laliga
  5. 2 Copa Del Ray

It’s a long list of his achievements. But I’m concluding it with these 5 achievements.

The lesson is whatever problems you a re facing they will pay off you just have to keep going……

Lionel Messi Biography

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Lionel Messi


                        In this article we are going to write the Biography of a world famous sportsman which is a football player. He is the Argentine footballer Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini generally called as Lionel Messi who plays for the club Football club Barcelona and is generally popular for scoring goals and his football abilities. He is considered as one of the best players in the history of football due to his individual awards.

Now we first we will start the article with the basic information of About Lionel Messi and then we will move on to his childhood and then start of his career and his lifestyle and then we will finish the article by seeing some of his big football awards due to which he is also called as the best player in the history of football.

General Information of Lionel Messi;

                                                                   Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini is a football star which which plays as a forward for both Argentina and FC Barcelona. He was born in Rosario on 24 June 1987 and e is now 32 years old. He is currently living in Barcelona (Spain). His wife name is Antonella Roccuzzo. He has 3 sons named as Mateo,Siro and Thiago. His jersey number is 10.His height is about 5 feet and 7 inches.

Early Life;

               His life started in Rosario a city of Argentina in 24 june 1987 in the house of Jorge Messi who was a steel factory worker and his mother name was Celia Cuccittini who was working in a magnet manufacturing shop. His early life was difficult because he belonged to a middleclass family in Argentina and in a very short age he was diagnosed with a very serious decease which was of Growth Hormone Deficiency.

He was born in a family which was football loving and his maternal grandmother named Cellia has a great influence in his journey towards football. She always took him to ground and she always encouraged him. Messi had also claimed this in many interviews about Cellia. Later on she died and it’s also said that Messi’s celebration signature of looking towards the sky and pointing is also in the honour of Celia.

Growth Hormone Deficiency Decease;

The growth hormone deficiency was a big hurdle in the football career of Leo Messi. It’s treatment was very expensive and Messi’s middle class family could not afford the treatment of Messi and that time. Many clubs in Argentina promised for the treatment of Lionel Messi but none of them helped. Some of Messi’s relatives were living in Barcelona and then they contacted FCB at that time. Finally FCB agreed for the treatment of Lionel Messi but the point was he had to move from Rosario to Spain.

FC Barcelona’s Journey;

                                         Leo Messi’s greatest ever journey started in 2002 in Barcelona with FCB which is still going and it’s said that he will also retire in Football club Barcelona. This legendary journey has a lot of individual and team trophies and many more will be added till his retirement.

Messi started his career at La Masia youth academy in 2002. He is also called as the natural or born football talent. From the start he was extremely fast and good at dribbling. His abilities were just as clear as mirror for the coaching staff and other members. They were really impressed by Messi during his first year. Especially he was extremely good at scoring goals.

Messi’s ranking was increasing in club like fire in the bushes. He first played at La Masia the greatest ever football academy of FCB. Then he moved to Barcelona C in next year in season 20003/04 and soon after that he moved to Barcelona B in 2004/05. Through his eye catching performances he was able to move to Barcelona A in the same year.

During this time Barcelona also made new contract with Leo Messi. When he was playing at team B by seeing his performances the team A players told the coach to bring him to team A and especially Ronaldhino played an important role in bringing him to team A. (An interesting fact is also that Ronaldhino gave the first  team A assist to Messi ).

After coming to the main team of Barcelona the greatest ever journey started and it was for the both Messi and the football fans. The rest is history!  After that till now Messi has helped Barca to win a lot of trophies and also he has won many individual trophies and he is still scoring and performing miracles for the Barcelona. He has written his name in the Golden books of FC Barcelona and football both as a legend and may be the best ever footballer.

While rising at Barcelona his argentine journey also started and he played for Argentina in U20 and U23 teams. Now he is the captain of the both Argentina and FC Barcelona. (He also retired from Argentine football team after missing a penalty the final but then later on he took his retirement back and started playing for Argentina due to the appeal from the people of Argentina)s.

Some renowned Achievements;  

                                                       Messi has been really a shining star from the start of his football career. He has a lot of things which he has achieved including team trophies with Argentina and with Barca and he is also having a long list of his individual trophies. If I started listing his all achievements I don’t know when will I finish this article so that’s why I will list some of his big achievements here.

  1. 6 Ballon d’Or
  2. 6 Golden Boots
  3. 10 La liga
  4. 4 Champions league
  5. 6 Copa Del Rey
  6. 3 UEFA super cup
  7. 1 golden ball
  8. 1 Fifa U20 worldcup
  9. 1 Olympics winner
  10. Fifa Best player of the year

Here I have listed some of his big achievents which he has achieved with his team and some individual awards also otherwise the list is long.