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Biography of Toni kroos

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We are here with the biography of another player Toni kroos. We will discuss his personal life his early career his family, his achievements , his stats and much more s in the list so please stay connected to avail best information on your favorite player. So now we should begin;


First of all we will start with family

His real name is Toni kroos and he was born in Griefwald East Germany on 4 January 1990. He is a German footballer.

His mother name is Birgit kammer and his mother was an international badminton player and she is now a sports biology teacher and his father name is Ronald kroos who was a professional wrestler in his early age and now is also a football coach he has a brother whose name is Felix kroos and he is married in 2015 to Jessica faarber and he has a child whose name is Leon kroos.

Early life;

  1. Tony was born in a family who were linked with sports as he was also inspired by his family s his family had a history in sports.
  2. Toni was part of his school football team he was a very good player as his father used to coach him and he became one of the best footballer in his school many teachers praised his talent.
  3. His parents were always there to support him. They were making a gem in the shape of Toni kroos.
  4. From his childhood he was most passionate about football he most of the time was practicing football.
  5. Toni kroos was not good in studies but on the other hand in football no one was in his match as he was respected by the school faculty for his amazing game in football.


Football career;

As a boy he first joined local club Griefswalder fc and Hansa rostok. He played there during hid early age. He was a brilliant player sooner he drew attention of many big clubs. Clubs like Chelsea, Werder and Schalke 04 approached him but he couldn’t join them and in July 2006 Bayern signed Toni kroos till 2012. The contract was very long and after an year he in September 2007 he made his debut for Bundesliga side FC Bayern and when he made his debut he was 17 years old and became the youngest German player for FC Bayern. It is such a huge achievement for a player at that age playing for Bundesliga top team at such a age.


In his debut match he came as a substitute and gave two assists and led his team to victory. It was his first match for Bayern and he gave such an amazing performance.On 25 October he made his debut for UEFA Cup and in that match he came as a substitute and gave an assist and also scored a goal it was his first goal for FC Bayern and gave an important part in team victory.On 5 November 2008 he made his UEFA Champions league debut for FC Bayern against Florienta.

The next season FC Bayern sent him on loan as he was not performing up to the mark and he was sent to loan to gain some experience.So in 2009 he was sent on loan to Bayer Leverkusan for 18 months.On February 2009 he made his first appearance for Bayer leverkusan after coming at substitute but Bayer leverkusan lost that match.On April 2009 he scored his first goal for Bayer leverkusan against VFL Wolfsburg although Bayer leverkusan lost that match.

He played 13 matches for Bayer leverkusan in his first season and scored only one goal. He was not performing up to his level.The next season he gained his confidence and became a regular player at Bayer leverkusan and also received player of the month award back to back for two months in December 2009 and in January 2010.

Rise Of His Career;

In that season he played brilliantly and scored 9 goals and 12 assists n just 33 games. It was an amazing season for him.In 2010 his loan expired and he returned to his club FC Bayern. In the season 2012/2013 he played an important part in FC Bayern Treble as he was the major midfielder and leading the midfield.In all he played 176 matches for FC Bayern and scored 23 goals for them.

He played an important part in FC Bayern and won many trophies with FC Bayern and also won many individual awards.In 2014 he was signed by Spanish giants Real Madrid. This was an important signing in real Madrid history as he became the major part of the team and the backbone of midfield.He was presented as a real Madrid player in front of 8000 fans and he became 9 German player to play for Spanish giants Real Madrid.On November 2014 he scored his first ever goal for Real Madrid.

He also won UEFA Champions league trophy with real Madrid in 2015/2016 and became the first German player to win 2 champions league for two different teams FC Bayern and Real Madrid. He became a regular starter for Real Madrid after that season and played an important role in Real Madrid victories.

On October 2016 his contract was renewed till 2022 and also helped Real Madrid clinch another UEFA Champions league trophy in 2016/2017 and also became the first German player to win UEFA Champions league for 3 times. That was an amazing achievement for him. He also helped Real Madrid win 2019/2020 Laliga but Real Madrid couldn’t perform well in Champions league and got knocked out by Manchester City.


  • He played 176 games for FC Bayern and scored 23 goals for them and gave 42 assists.
  • He played 185 games for Real Madrid and scored 15 goals and contributed in 47 goals means he has 47 assists in laliga.
  • He played 96 games for Germany national side and was able to score 13 goals.
  • He is one of the best Midfielders in the world right now. We are lucky enough to see such an amazing player.

Biography of Robert Lewandowski

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Here we are going to discuss about biography of a star footballer Robert Lewandoski who is the star player of FC Bayern with the highest goal scorer of the club. Here we will discuss his early life his start of career, his golden era, his rise and his achievements and most importantly his stats in football world.

Early life;

His real name is Robert Lewandoski . he was born in Warsaw Poland .His date of birth is 21/08/1988. He was raised by the regional Catholic who had wide interest in sports. His mother and father were also part of sports so Robert from very young age took interest in football. When his father noticed his interest in football he took him to the local club Partyzend Lezno.


His Father name was Krsyzstof Lewandoski and his mother name was Iwona Lewandoski. He has one sister whose name is Milena lewandoska. He is married to Anna lewandoska. He is married to her since 2013. He has one daughter Klara lewandoska.

Football Career;

When he turned 9 he began his youth football career. He was full of passion and his talent lead him to Polish team Znicz Pruszkow in 2005. He brilliantly performed for his team which took him to first tier club lech Poznan just after 3 years. Many clubs wanted him to be part of their club. After spending four years in lech Poznan his talent was noticed by Dortmund officials. They started taking interest in him and in 22 august 2010 he made his Bundesliga debut with Dortmund and after a month he scored his first goal against a very tough opponent Schalke.

He scored 8 goals in his first season with Dortmund and the next season he scored 22 goals which made his position stronger. His third season for Dortmund he scored 24 goals. This was his final season now with Dortmund and he became the top scorer of the season by scoring 20 goals which took the attention of many teams in Bundesliga.

Rise Of Career;

Bayern approached him and he moved to Bayern. He scored a total of 74 goals of Dortmund. In January 2014 he signed a 5 year contract with Bayern Munich. His debuted in German super cup. It was a wonderful season for Lewandoski by winning bundesliga title and also playing semi final of champions league thou couldn’t win the semifinal but made an amazing record in Bundesliga.

The first season he scored 17 goals. His second season in Bayern was amazing he scored 5 goals against Wolfsburg in just 8 and half minutes which made a record in football history. He made many records. With Bayern he won many titles. . With Bayern he won many titles. Including 6 Bundesliga titles and 1 champions league which is one of the toughest competition in world and he became the top scorer of the champions league season 2018/2020 by scoring 15 goals. And he leveled the record of Cristiano by scoring 15 goals in a single season of champions league.

He scored in every single game of champions league except the finals. He is in the best form of his career now. He won the golden shoe this year by scoring the most goals in Europe top 5 leagues. Lewandoski is the first Polish player to win 7 times footballer of the year. He is the fourth active highest goal scorer in the world by scoring 497 goals for club and country. He has 61 goals for his country and becomes the fifth active player with the most international goals. He has a great talent and can score in difficult situations. He has a long career to go and has many more records and titles to achieve.


He has many records to his which are following;

1 .He is the only player to score 5 goals after coming a substitute and he scored that goals in just 8 minutes and 30 seconds and made a world record and took 4 Guiness world records to his name.

  1. He is the first Bayern player after former Bayern player Roy Makaay to score 5 goals after 2 games.
  2. He is the fastest non German player to score 100 Bundesliga goals.
  3. He is the first player to score in first 11 games in Bundesliga and he scored in each game and he is the only player to do so.
  4. He is the third highest Bundesliga top scorer in just 10 years.


Best season;

Although lewandoski every season was amazing yet this season 2019/2020 was the best season of his career. He played brilliantly in this season and scored 55 goals with just 4 penalties. Not a single player came near him.

He became the highest scorer of Bundesliga this season and also scored 15 goals in Champions league and also won the champions league and became the top scorer of it by scoring 15 goals. He won Bundesliga, Df pokal and now Champions league and became top scorer in all of them. He is the highest goal scorer in Europe top five leagues in 2019/2020 season but unluckily couldn’t won Ballondor as the event was cancelled.


Some Renowned achievements;

Lewandoski has an amazing career and won many titles in his name. He is one of the best player in world. He won many trophies with Poland, Dortmund, FC Bayern. There is a long list of his achievements and I will highlight the important ones

1.16x top scorer

2.7x footballer of the year for Poland

3.8x German champion

4. 1 Polish Champion

5.4x German cup winner

6.1x Polish cup winner

7.1x Polish super cup winner

8.1x Champions league winner

These are the main achievements of Robert Lewandoski. He is one of the best players in the world currently.


He has a total number of 348 goals in his career with 75 assists in career with 43 yellow cards and only 1 red card to his name. He has a total of 68 champions league goals and 1 time became the top scorer with 15 goals in a single season 2019/2020.




Biography of Neymar Jr

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This is a complete Biography of Brazilian sensation, one of the best talents in football world. None other than Neymar Jr

We will provide you with the latest information about the player his current life his early life his living style his achievements his start of career and we will also discuss about his personal life. We will provide you accurate information about Brazilian star Neymar Jr. so lets start with his family. In the next Paragraph I will tell you about his family.


First of all his real name is not Neymar Jr as we all know him by Neymar jr but his real name is Neymar da silva santos Junior. Santos is his family name. His date for birth is 5 February 1992. His nickname is Ney.

He was born in Brazil and his religion is Christianity.His father name is Neymar santos srHis mother name is Nadine da SilvaHe has one sister whose name is Rafealla BackrenHe has a son whose name is Davi Lucca da Silva Santos.His father is a former footballer.


Neymar jr got his inspiration from his father Neymar sr who was a professional footballer. As he was born in a family which was associated with sports so football was in his veins. He was very passionate about of football as he was also Brazilian. In 1999 he joined a youth club Portugisa Santista till then no body have ever thought that he would become one of the best footballer of his country not only his country but one of the best footballers of the world. He joined the youth club. He was famous for his speed, his dribbling, his accuracy on ball which made him a unique player.


He played for youth side of Portugese Santos Fc at the age of 11 and in 2009 he made his official debut for Santos FC. At that time one of the biggest clubs of Europe Real Madrid approached him but Santoss FC was not willing to sell him and they convinced Ney to stay at their club and Neymar jr stayed at Santos Fc.

Football career;

In 2009 he played his official game for Santos Fc and that season he left his mark on everyone by becoming the best young player of the league also earned the award. He played for santos fc for 5 years and broke many records.He earned many individual honours and rewards including South American footballer of the year title for back to back 2 straight years which were 2011 and 2012.

Many big football clubs wanted him to be part of their club and so in 2013 FC Barcelona was able to sign him after a trade with Santos and about 76$ million.He became one of the most expensive signings ever made in Football history.The price was enormous but he also proved his worth by capturing treble with Barcelona just after 2 years of joining.

Rise Of His Career;

He was one of the major part of FC Barcelona.He helped Barcelona win many titles and scored many goals for his team.In every competition or tournament he played his vital role. He was playing in the best team and with the best player in world Lionel Messi.He played for Barcelona for 5 years and in that 5 years Barcelona won a treble including Champions league, Laliga Title and a Copa del rey title.

But Barcelona was not lucky enough to keep that type of gem in their team and in 2017 French Club PSG was able to sign him on a record amount of 222$ million that was the most expensive signing ever made in Football history. You can now understand Neymar jr worth.

FC Barcelona tried its best but couldn’t keep him as it was his own decision to leave FC Barcelona and join French league team PSG. So he made his debut for PSG on 13 August by scoring a goal and also assisting one against French league team Lille. The match resulted in victory. After that he went scoring goals for PSG. His first season was very great as he scored 28 goals in just 30 matches and it was his first season.

After that season he again proved his worth and helped PSG clinch ligue 1 title. He with Kylian Mbappe and Edisen Cavani made a wonderfull trio and they were destroying their opponents. He also lead his team to finals of UEFA Champions League and also single handedly won quarter final for his team and in that he also made a record for most dribbles in a single match and total success full dribbles were 16.

His team managed to reach the finals but they couldn’t clinch the title. If they would have won the match it would be the first ever UEFA Champions League trophy for PSG.


National team career;

In 2010 he was called by Brazil national team and in July he made his Brazil senior team debut in a friendly match against USA.

In 2014 world cup he was plying world cup and his presence in the team made it very strong but unluckily he got injured and couldn’t play for his team. He also won Olympic gold on his soil in Brazil which itself is a great Honour. He is now the Captain of his National team. He also took part in 2018 world cup which took place in Russia but his team was knocked out earlier so we couldn’t see him play longer.His presence on the field is a night mare for opponents itself. His talent is beyond the limits.


  • He scored 70 goals for santos fc
  • He scored 105 goals for Fc Barcelona.
  • He has scored 61 goals for psg till now and many more goals have to come.
  • He scored 61 goals for Brazil till now and we will see more in the future as we all know his abilities.

He is born talent.This was a brief biography on our star Neymar jr. hope you would have found it interesting and we will give you updates on upcoming football. Please give me your feedback.


Biography of Marco Reus

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Here we will discuss about a star footballer who has his unique talent and his abilities are beyond the limits. He is a German footballer who is currently playing for Dortmund yes I am talking about Marco Reus. Here I will give you a brief biography of Marco Reus and we will highlight his early life his achievements and his football career. So lets begin.


His date of birth is 31 May 1989 so now his age is 31 years.His father name is Thomas ReusHis mother name is Manuela RuesHe was born in DortmundHis sun sign is GeminiHis siblings are Youvene Reus and Melaine ReusHis girlfriend is Scarlett Gartmenn

From his childhood he was passionate about Football so his parents started searching for academy so that he could continue his passion.

Football career;

At the age of 4 his parents noticed his passion for football and they supported him findings clubs for him.In 1994 he started his football career by joining local club PSV DortmundAfter some time he joined youth team of Borussia Dortmund in 1996. His talent and passion led him to the youth team.His talent was noticed by big European and German clubs as a result Borussia Mönchengladbach successfully signed him. He was such a great talent that many big clubs wanted him but he showed his trust in German clubs.

The team succeeded to make a 4 year contract with him until 2009.He was playing really well for Borussia Mönchengladbach but the best season was in 2012 when he scored 18 goals and also took his team to UEFA Champions League.Then he was noticed by Bundesliga big clubs including Dortmund and FC Bayern. Both the clubs showed great interest in signing him.After a great season at Gladbach he signed a 5 years contract with Borussia Dortmund.

He signed for Dortmund as he wanted to step forward and accept next challenge and he wanted to win the league.He officially joined Dortmund in July 2012 and contributed his team to reach the finals of Champions league.On September 29 he scored 2 goals against his former club and led his team to victory and also to the top of table just after 6 games of the season.He also performed very well in UEFA Champions League that season by scoring against Man city and after that also scored against Real Madrid and took his team to top the group D.

Rise Of His Career;

He scored his first hatrick in Champions league in 2013 against Ajax and led his team to an easy victory.In 2010 he was called by German national senior team.He made his place in FIFA 2014 World cup after scoring 5 goals in qualifiers.But he couldn’t play the world cup due to injury. Unluckily Germany played without him.In 2018 he again made his entry again in world cup but unluckily Germany was eliminated early in the World cup.One of the best Season of Marco Reus was 2015/2016 season and by the end of that season he scored a total of 23 goals in just 43 games he played. That season he played extra ordinary.

But unluckily after that season he played very less games because of injuries. Because of injuries he couldn’t play many games. He for a whole season couldn’t play up to his mark.He played in one of the toughest leagues in Europe and played very brilliantly that many big clubs wanted him. But he preferred Dortmund over other clubs as he wanted to play for German clubs. He led his team to many victories and won many matches for Dortmund.

Career stats;

He played for Borussia Mönchengladbach and played a total of 109 games and scored a total of 41 goals for them and led the team to many victories.Later on he was signed by Borussia Dortmund so he moved to Dortmund and till now he has played a total number of 266 games and scored 129 goals for them. He is the main player of Dortmund he also led the team to many victories.

For his national team he played 44 games and scored 13 goals.He also played in Champions league for Borussia Dortmund and played 57 games and scored a total no of 26 goals including a hatrick against Ajax.

He played very well throughout his career and yet has to prove much more. He is one of the best footballers of all time. His talent control of the ball and his power to the shot, his accuracy makes him a unique player.

His career is full of achievements he has a career full of stats goals and assists. Many legends also admired him for his talent.



His career is full of achievements and I will highlight some of main achievements of Marco Reus.

Here are the following

  • He won player of the year three times twice for Borussia Dortmund and once for Borussia Mönchengladbach.
  • He won footballer of the year twice for Germany.
  • He won German cup once.
  • He won German super cup thrice for Borussia Dortmund.
  • He also won the top goal scorer for Borussia Dortmund in 2013/2014 season.
  • He also won the award of best assist provider for Borussia Dortmund in season 2013/2014 season.

His career was amazing and yet he has long to play he is 31 years old and yet has many years to play.His career is also affected by many injuries as he involved in a lot of injuries yet his career is outstanding. This year his team was runner up in Bundesliga.He also participated in 6 Champions leagues but unluckily couldn’t clinch the title for hid team.

His best friend in football is his former team mate Robert Lewandoski they both shared a lot of memories for Borussia Dortmund.This is the biography of Marco Reus. What an amazing player to watch. Hope you liked his biography. So give your feedback and we will also update you about future football.









Biography of Marcelo Vieira

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We are back with another biography of a legendary player marcelo Vieira who plays for the Brazil national team and the club real Madrid. This is really an interesting biography and you will learn many lessons from it. But now we will start of the article some basic facts about Marshall vieira and then we will write about his early life football career and his international team career and some facts about his personal life. Now we’re going to start of the article without wasting any time so let’s begin it with some facts about marcelo vieira.

General information about Marcelo Vieira;

Let’s start off with his name the person generally called marchello is a player from Brazil and his complete name is marcelo viera over junior. He was born on 12th may 1988 and sometimes we also see at some places that is date of birth is not 12 main but 12 June 1988. The players position is left back but at sometimes we can also play as a a left finger according to the statics or need of the team. He is generally known as one of the best defenders in the world. He was born in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He is 32 years old and jersey number is 12. He has two kids named Enzo alves wyra and Liam alvas wyra.

He is 5 feet and 9 inches in height. He has played in 2 clubs named real Madrid his current club and fluminanse in 2005-6.

Now we will discuss about his early life…

Early life of Marcelo;

Marcelo as mentioned earlier born on 12th may 1988. He is very enthusiastic and passionate player from the start. His parents are Maria dasilva and his mother name was marcelo vieira de Silva. The Marcello religion is Roman Catholicism. He started football at a very small age. He belong to a very poor background and often tried to quit football but luckily remained in the game due to his grandfather Pedro who kept encouraging him all the time and also he spotted him financially and morally. Marcelo has often been seen giving credit to his grandfather Pedro because of his success and he also dedicated his celebrations many time to him.

Start of football career

He started football at a very small age as mentioned earlier and he started his career by playing in futsol. Later came in the books of fluminense. He started his career by playing in this club.

Career at real Madrid;

He was signed in 2007 by real Madrid.that was a historic move for Marcelo which eventually changed his life. Since then it has been 13 years and is still playing for real Madrid and and he has now became a very crucial player for real Madrid. He is one of the most favorite attacking full backs alongside with Dani alves. Till yet is many contracts has been renewed with real Madrid including his wedges. He Is playing for international Brazilian team since 2005 he has played for Brazil under 17, under 20 and under 23. He is now playing in the Brazil international team and scored 6 goals for him as a left back and that’s something really special.

Marcello made his name for your married on 7 January 2007 and the rest is history. Since then he he was progressing day by day and was shining like a star in real Madrid. But in 2009 due to some poor performances he also faced the bench. At that time you also tried as left winger and played very good but he was again called back by the manager at his original position left full back. His breakthroughs season was season 2010-11.

Since then he has been very crucial for the club and he has achieved many individual trophies. He also helped real Madrid in winning many crucial trophies. Including some la Liga and the great champions League the dream for the many clubs now we will see some of his individual and team awards.

Individual and team rewards

With real Madrid

Since he joined real Madrid he has won five la Liga and 2 copa del Rey. He won 4 supercopa de espana. He has 4 UEFA champions League with real Madrid which is a great honour and 3 UEFA super cups. He also won four FIFA club world cups with real Madrid.


He won 2002 Olympic silver medal with Brazil and in 2008 they also won bronze medal. He won FIFA confederations cup in 2013 with Brazil. He was FIFA under 17 world cup runner up in 2005.


He has won many individual awards. Like he was nominated many times in EA sports FIFA team of the year and France football UEFA champions League squad of the season and FIFA Pro world 11 and many other awards we have nominated few.

He also won samba gold medal second place in 2018. He was named as Facebook FA la Liga best defender in 2016.


So the conclusion of the story is if you keep working hard you will be successful. There were times when Marcelo Vieira’s financial problems got so severe that he tried to quit football but remained in the game due to his grandfather. He never gave up and kept working hard. He faced the bench but he didn’t end his struggle he raised again and again.

His current value in the football market is 70.8 Million $ and he has sponsorship with adidas through which he earns £5.2 million per year. His net worth is currently estimated as 17million $. So what matters is to keep going. He is one of my favorite defenders with absolutely sublime skills. All this is the result of his endless efforts that he managed to write his names in the good books of this legendary game.

Thank you!

Biography of Marc Andre Ter Stegen

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We are back with another interesting story about a legendary footballer. So this time the footballer we are going to discuss is a legendary footballer. we are going to discuss Marc Andre ter stegen’s biography in detail.

Article will be divided into few parts like in the first part we’re going to discuss some basic facts about Marc Andre ter stegen and then we’re going to talk about his early life and his football career and some knowledge about his achievements with the team and individuals also. Due to his phenomenal performances he is also called as Messi with the gloves. So now we will start our artical with some basic facts about Marc Andre ter stegen.

General Information;

Marc Andre ter stegen generally also called as ter stegen is a German player. He is basically a German footballer who is playing for the German national team and the club FC Barcelona. Is jersey number with Barcelona is one and with German national team is 22. Spouse name is Daniela jehla. Is position in football is keepring. He is 28 years old. He was born on 30 April 1992 in monchengladbach in Germany.He has  been playing for Germany since 2012 before that he played in Germany under 17 and under 18 and under 19 and under 21. He is 6 feet and 2 inches in height. No we’re going to move onto on next topic about Marc Andre ter stegen and that is his early life.

Early life of Ter Stegen

He was born in Germany in Monchengladbach on 13th day of April 1992. Is religion is Catholic. Is mother name Renete Kausa and his father name is Erica kaus. His surname tersteegen basically belong to its Dutch origin which is not very common in German at that time. Marc Andre ter stegen started playing football at a very small age. When he started playing football his age was 2 years and he started playing it with his brother whose name is jeen marshal Ter Stegen. he learnt few basics move about football since he was very young without going to any football club. After seeing his interest in football and some excellent moves or skills his granddad accompanied him to play football and joined him in a local youth team.

An interesting story about this legendary keeper is that he never wanted to be a keeper but then he was playing in a local team the team ran out of goalkeepers. The local coach convinced him to become a goalkeeper and since then he didn’t change his post. Marc Andre ter stegen has also told in an interview about the story

I started to like how everyone treated me as a goalkeeper. They always told me you did pretty well. Since that moment I never left the goal post and I am very happy with my journey.

Marc Andre ter stegen football career

He played for the local youth team for the big 14 years later he joined the club level. We will discuss about his club level and rise of his football career. He started his first club level AT local club named Borussia Monchengladbach . He played for the four big years their before his rise and move to FC Barcelona. In 2010-11 season he was always benched in the club team. Later on was given the chance to play on the field and ter stegen again perform very well. He than play that the same club for three years.

After a stunning performances at the local German club he was link many times before his move to FC Barcelona. But when Victor valdes left marc-andre ter stegen  contract with Barcelona was finalized. His transfer fee was 12 million euro and the buyout clause was 80 million euro and his contract was a five-year contract from 2014 to 2019.

Rise OF Career;

About Barcelona he said in an interview in reply to a question that this was the very good decision and and now he aimed to settle at the.

Marc Andre ter stegen was the Barcelona’s first choice since his joining. He was always seen on the field for la Liga,copa del Rey or champions League. Since then he is improving any improving and he has proved himself on many occasions with FC Barcelona. He won many trophies with FC Barcelona. His playing style is really very special. Specially his abilities about quick reflexes and shot stopping and perfect decision making which makes him really very special. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now and prove himself in the good books of football keepers in the history. His competition with manual neur is very tough and if you ask me it’s really a big problem to select the option between Marc Andre ter stegen and manual neur. all this is the result of his hard work which he has been doing since his childhood. He is highly competent and very passionate about game that’s also something to make him special then others. He is really very quick when rushing towards the attackers which eventually helps in saving a lot of goals. He has won many team and individual trophies. Now we’re going to talk about his personal life then we will see some of his individual and team achievements.

Marc Andre ter Stegen’s personal life

Tersteegen was born in Monchengladbach in North Rhine Westphalia. He is married with his longtime girlfriend named Daniela Jehla. He was married in sitges near Barcelona. They both have a child together whose name is Ben and was born on 28 December 2019.


Team Trophies

He won 4 la Liga with Barcelona and also 4 Copa Del Rey. He won 2018 supercopa de espana. One UEFA champions League in 2014/15. He also won UEFA super cup in 2015 in FIFA world cup in 2015. He also won FIFA confederations cup in 2017.

Individual Trophies:

He has won many individual trophies but we are going to list the few prominent ones.

Even Fritz Walter medal under 19 gold medal in 2011. Kicker bundesliga goalkeeper of the season in 2011-12. UEFA save of the season 2014-15. The best FIFA men’s goalkeeper 2019 second place. He was the yashin trophy runner up in 2019. He was also included in FIFA FIFPro world XI v team in 2018.

Thanks in the end I only want to say is he is one of the legendary football keepers of this generation alongside with manual neuer David diga and Buffon. He is one of my favourite football goalkeepers and you can also succeed by following his footsteps.

Thank you keep rising and keep shining.

Biography of Luis Suarez

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Today we are going to discuss about biography of a star bowler Lewis warriors who is the star player of FC Barcelona one of the biggest club in world and also known Spanish giants FC Barcelona.Here we will discuss his early life is start of career is golden era his rise and his achievements more importantly his stats in football world.

Luis Suarez is the best footballer after Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi he has provide Fc Barcelona a lot of goals and assists in his career and let them many victories.Luis Suarez is also ranked as a third most goal scorer for FC Barcelona in the history.His career is full of amazing achievements and individual awards.

First of all we will discuss early life and his family.


Luis what is real name is Lewis Alberto Suarez Diaz.In the Football world he is also known as the cannibal.His date of birth is 24 January 1987.He was born in Salto Uraguay.His father name is Rodolfo Suarez and his mother name is Sandra Diaz.Luis Suarez has 6 siblings.Luis Suarez sun sign is AquariusHe is married to Sofia Balbi.He was married to her in 2009.

He has three children’s one daughter and two sons.Luis Suarez was born in a poor family his father was a porter.His childhood was very difficult as they were not financially strong.



When he was 7 years old his mother insisted him to join a football club.Luis Suarez was not good enough in studies as he was not a bright student in early age.After his mother insisted him he joined a youth club Urreta FC. He played brilliantly for the youth club and after a short time he caught the attention of football club manager who offered him to play for his club and build a professional career in football with the help of him.

He then joined Nacional Youth Club.However he played a very good football but in these days he was distracted by many bad habits. Due to bad company he started drinking and at this young age it was not good for him.Due to his lack of focus he was facing many problems in his football career.The management of the club threatened him that if he will not focus on football they will remove it from the club.After that he left bad habits and started taking football very serious.He then impressed the faculty of the club.

Start of Professional Football;

At the age of 19 he moved to Netherlands to play for Groningen.When he moved to Netherland he was unable to understand Dutch or English.He was facing difficulty to settle in Netherlands.He performed very well for Groningen he played for Groningen for almost 1 year after dad another touch club Ajax saw his talent and became interested in him.Ajax was having some problems in signing Luis Suarez as the Dutch team Groningen was not letting him leave.

Ajax managed to sign him for a long 5 years in 2007.Luis Suarez Made his debut in UEFA champions League qualifier with his presence team Ajax finished second place in the league.The next year his performance was up to the mark and he Led Ajax through many victories and was named as the player of the year it was a great achievement for him.After that Ajax named him as the captain of the team. He also won KNVB cup for his team and was the highest goal scorer in the tournament.

Rise Of his career;

He received second Ajax player of the year award and also was awarded with Dutch footballer of the year award.Luis Suarez played quality football for Ajax.Many big club were then interested in himAfter then he was moved to Liverpool one of the best club in Europe.He was signed by Liverpool for almost 5 years that was a long contract.

He requested Liverpool faculty to give him number 7 Jersey.Due to his angry nature he was involved in many controversies.In his second season he was involved in racial case that led him to a fine of 40000 euros.Third season arsenal bid for him but Liverpool refused the offer from arsenal.His performances for Liverpool was outstanding. He also won premier League golden boot and also shared European golden shoe with Cristiano Ronaldo.

In 2014 was signed by Barcelona. Barcelona signed him for 82 million dollars and became one of the most expensive signings in Football history.He signed a five-year contract with Barcelona.His career in FC Barcelona was full of goals and assists.He helped his team to win 2nd treble which includes la Liga copa del Rey and UEFA champions League.In his second season he became the most goal scorer of laliga in the season and earned Pichichi Award.He also won European Golden Shoe that year that was his second European golden shoe.In that season he scored 40 League goals and gave 16 assists.He has impressed Barcelona in every competition and in every tournament he played very well.


National Team;

  • Luis Suarez plays for Uraguay.
  • He made his debut for national side in 2007.
  • His career for national team includes many individual awards.
  • He is the top scorer for his national team.
  • It is a great honour for him.
  • His team also won a Copa America and he was also named as the player of the year Award.



He played for Nacional for just one season and played 27 games and has 10 goals from them.He played for Groningen for one year and scored 10 goals in just 29 games.Luis Suarez Ajax career is full of achievements he scored 81 goals in just 110 games.Luis Suarez is currently playing for one of the best teams in Football world and he has scored 147 goals for them and still has to score much more.

Luis Suarez for his national team scored 59 goals.Luis Suarez also became the third most goal scorer for FC Barcelona in history.He is a brilliant player with beautiful game and he are lucky to see him play.Hope you liked the biography of Luis Suarez.Please give me your Feed back


Biography of Kylian Mbappe

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I am going to tell u about star footballer. We will discuss his football life his early life, his start of career, his rise, his achievements and his stats.

We will provide u with the best and latest updates on football and his career so lets move on to his early life.

Early life;

Kylian Mbappe real name is Kylian Adesanmi Mbappe Lottin.His date of birth is 20 December 1998.He was born in Paris France so by nationality he is French.His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.His father name is Wilfred Mbappe.His mother name is Fayza Mabappe.His siblings are Ethan Mbappe and Jires  Kembo Ekoko(Adopted).

His father was a coach and his mother was an ex- handball player.As he was born in a family that was associated with sports he was a born talent that is why he is such a great footballer at such a young age.From his childhood he started taking interest in football and his parents supported him as they knew Mbappe was passionate about of football.At the age of 6 he was one of the best kid foot baller in France.

He then moved to national football center Clairefontaine which use to train young Footballers and after some time he caught the attention of the management as he was such a great talent.He then caught the attention of one of the biggest clubs in Europe like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea .At the age of 11 he played for Chelsea in a youth team but later on he choose to play for As Monoco a French team.

Football career;

At the age of 11 he played for one of the biggest names in football he played for Chelsea youth team but later on he decided that he should play for AS Monoco so he moved there.He then made his debut for Monoco on 2 December 2015 at the age of 16 and broke the record of Thiery Henry as youngest ever player playing for AS Monoco at the age of 16.His debut goal come on 20 February 2016 and became the youngest goal scorer for Monoco.

He signed a 3 year contract with Monoco on 6 March.He was one of the best player who ever played for monoco and his talent was beyond the limits.After some time he scored a hatrick and became the youngest player to score a Hatrick in ligue 1.On 21 Febraury he became the 2 French youngest player to score a goal in UEFA Champions League and took his team to quarter finals and also scored a goal in second leg and advanced into the semifinals but couldn’t win the semifinal as Juventus knocked them out but he made his mark in Champions League and was noticed by many clubs.

He was appreciated by many legends for his great talent and performance.Eventually they couldn’t win the Champions league but he took his team to win the title of Ligue 1.He scored 26 goals in that season.

Rise of Career;

After that season he moved to Paris Saint German on loan and he scored his first goal on his very first match for PSG and later on PSG won the ligue 1 and he won 2 titles on different sides.He became the youngest player to score 10 goals in UEFA Champions league and he scored that goal against FC Bayern.In 2017 he was called by French senior team at the age of just 18.In 2018 world cup he performed brilliantly and also scored a goal in the finals and France won the final and he was declared best young player of the tournament.

On October 8 he scored 4 goals against Lyon and became the youngest ever player to score 4 goals in a single match in ligue 1.2018/2019 season was one of the best of Mbappe as he won best player of the season in Ligue 1.PSG won the title that season and Mbappe was the top scorer of Ligue also by scoring 33 goals.


  1. He played for Monoco and scored 27 goals there with 16 assists.
  2. After that he played for PSG and scored 90 goals till now with 51 assists in his name.
  3. For France national team he scored 13 goals.
  4. He also won the world cup with France in 2018 and became the best young player of the tournament.
  5. He also scored in the finals of FIFA World cup against Croatia.
  6. He also won back to back ligue 1 titles for PSG.



  • Golden boy 2017
  • French player of the year 2018
  • Kopa trophy 2018
  • FIFA FIF Pro world 11 2019 ,2018
  • Ligue 1 player of the year 2019
  • Tele foot trophy for best young French footballer of the year 2017
  • 2x top scorer
  • 1x player of the year
  • 1x footballer of the year
  • 1x world cup winner
  • 4x French champion
  • 2x French cup winner
  • 2x French league cup winner
  • 1x European u19 champion

These were some of the main achievements of kylian mbappe and yet many more have to come. He is the best ligue 1 player of the season. Our golden boy and at such a young age he has extraordinary talent with fast speed and amazing dribbling foot power.

It is all about passion any one can achieve it as a boy mbappe was very passionate about football his elder brother was his first idol. His football idols are Cristiano Ronaldo, Thirey Henry and Zidane. He is very much inspired by Cristiano and he always wanted to become a great footballer like his idol. He has a great style of playing. He can single handedly carry his team through difficult situations. There team PSG reached the finals of UEFA champions League for the very first time but couldn’t win their first ever Champions league after they lost to FC Bayern after a nail biting match he performed very well in the whole tournament but unluckily he was injured before the semi finals as a result he couldn’t play up to his level.


Biography of keyin de bruyne

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Today we will discuss about another footballer. We will discuss his biography. His complete life his professional career and many more so please stay connected with us in order to get right information.

The footballer I am talking about is a magician itself. Kevin de bruyne who is currently is a very hot form and is playing for Manchester city One of the biggest clubs of Europe.

So we should begin now.


First of all we will begin with his family.He was born on june28 1991 in Drongen located in Belgium.His father name is Herwig de bruyne.His mother name is Anna de bruyne.De bruyne is their family name.He has one sister whose name is Stefaine de bruyne.

He is married to Michele lacroix. They married in year 2017.He has 2 sons whose names are mason Milian de bruyne and Rome de bruyneHis zodiac sign is cancer.

Early life;

Now as we have discussed family of Kevin de bruyne so now he will move on to his early life.He was born in a white family. His father worked in a oil factory so that is why they have to one place to another because of his father work.At a very young age he started taking interest in football.

When he was 4 years old he joined his home town club KVV Drongen and started playing for them. The management of the club was much impressed by him.After almost 2 years he joined Gent youth club. When he joined the club he was unable to meet or see his family so only on weekends he would see them. For a small child it was a very difficult situation but Kevin de bruyne was very passion and he followed his passion which led him to modern day magician in his game. While playing for Gent he was noticed by the managements and they all appreciated him and they knew he in future will represent his country.

Football career;

  • His proper football career was started at Genk where he also won the title of Belgium Pro league in season 2011/2012.
  • He also won Juliper pro league with Genk after scoring 5 goals and assisting 16. Then he scored 8 goals in 2011/2012 season that was a good season for him.


After a good season at Genk he was then signed by Chelsea in January 2012 on a 5 years contract deal.On joining Chelsea the club decided to give him on loan. So he was sent on loan to a Bundesliga club Werder Bremen. Chelsea thought it would be good to send him to loan so that after a season he will be in a good form to play for Chelsea.

Werder Bremen, loan;

Kevin de bruyne was sent on loan to Bundesliga club on 2012 only for one season 2012/2013. His first goal for the Bundesliga team Werder Bremen came on September 2012 and he was in a fine form.

After that season his contract was expired so he had to come back to his club Chelsea. The time he played in Bundesliga he was admired by all the clubs.  He also became one of the top players of Bundesliga.

He came back to Chelsea but after some time he got injured so he was not able to continue his form. We were unable to see him in blue jersey performing on the pitch.


In January 2014 Wolfsburg was able to sign him. He then played for Bundesliga and sooner became the major part of the team. After a few time he became one of the best players of Bundesliga. That was his peak time where he proved everyone his worth. He helped his team win the title of DFB-Pokal. He also helped his team Wolfsburg to come in second place in Bundesliga.

In that year he also won the award of best player of Germany for his outstanding performance throughout the year. Many clubs were keeping an eye on him.

Manchester city;

His amazing performance caught the sight of many big clubs including English club Manchester City. So in 2015 he was signed by Manchester city for a record deal of the club. He also scored a goal in that month.

His form and outstanding performance was able to register his name for Balon dor awards. He was shortlisted in last 23 names for the award. He also helped his team to register a spot in UEFA Champions League and also took his team to semi finals that year but could not win the semi finals.

In season 2017/2018 his team became the first and only team to make 100 points in the league and he played a important role in making of that record. In that season Manchester city won the league and he played a prominent part in success.

Since his joining in Manchester city he has won 2 premier league titles, 4 league cups and a FA cup.In his latest season 2019/2020 he tied the record of most assists in a single season and also became the player of the season.He also scored his 50 goal for Manchester City and is a prominent player in the squad.He is known as one of the complete players in world. He has to prove much more.


For Genk;

He scored a total of 16 goals for Genk in 97 games.

For Chelsea;

He played only 3 games for Chelsea and was unable to score in any of it.

For Wolfsburg;

He played 51 games for Wolfsburg and scored 13 goals for them.

Manchester City;

He played 152 games for Manchester city till now and scored 36 goals and has 66 assists and also tied the record of most assists in a single season.

Kevin de bruyne is famous for his assists and his shot accuracy. He is known as a complete player and is a magician in assisting. His long range shots are just outstanding.


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Today we are going to discuss about biography of a star footballer Karim benzema who is the star player of Real Madrid the biggest club of world Spanish giants Real Madrid here we will discuss his early life his start of career his golden era his rise and his achievements and most importantly this stats in the Football world. he is known as the best footballer after Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi he has provide Real Madrid a lot of goals and assists in his career and led then too many victories. He has won many trophies with Real Madrid and as well as individual stats we are lucky to see him play as he such a great footballer and has amazing tactics.

Early life;

First of all we will discuss about his family and most importantly early life which include his start of career and his personal life and childhood life also. His real name is Karim benzema date of birth is 19 December 1987 he was born in Lyon. His sun sign is Sagittarius. he was born in France so basically he is a French.

His father name is Hafid benzema.Karim benzema mother name is Wahida Djebbra.Karim benzema religion is Islam. Karim benzema has 9 siblings. From his childhood he is many difficulties as his parents were not financially strong and he spent a simple life with his siblings.His family was basically migrants and life was not easy for him he had to face many difficulties in his early age

Karim Mustafa benzema from his childhood was very passionate about football. He wanted to become a professional footballer and play for his country France.To follow his dreams at the age of 8 he joined a local football club whose name was Bron Terraillion SC.

He was an amazing player while playing for the club he caught the eye of the management the management of the cloud was very impressed by his talent and then you eat that he would become one of the best footballers in future. He always practiced football in his spare time.While playing for the youth club he caught the attention of Lyon after he played an amazing game in his youth club and in 1996 Lyon was able to sign him.

Football Career;

In 1996 Lyon signed him when noticed his talent and they became interested in him.Lyon signed him and he played for the youth team of Lyon.After he showed great quality of football he was then selected for the senior team in 2004. That was the star of his professional career. He made it to the senior team but could not make his position in the play 11 as had not gained any experience. He was often seen on the bench he got very less time on the field. Karim benzema made his professional debut on 15 January 2005 against FC Metz. He signed a 3 year old contract with the club.

That season Lyon won the league title and he was part of the team.Lyon made it into UEFA champions League and he made his UEFA champions League debut on 6 December 2005 and scored his first professional goal for the club in UEFA champions League. That was a great achievement for a youngster like Karim benzema. Every player wants to score a goal in UEFA champions League.

In season 2007-2008 he played brilliantly and scored 20 goals in the league. He was leading the attack for Lyon. He also became the highest goal scorer in that season in the league.He was also named as the ligue 1 player of the year and also was the part of team of the year.His performance for Lyon was outstanding and every big clubs wanted him as you were a great talent and everyone wanted him in their team.

His time in lyon was full of achievements. He won trophies for his team and also won individual awards.After another great season at Lyon in July 2009 one of the biggest clubs in football Real Madrid approached him they were ready to bid for karim benzema.Spanish giants Real Madrid was able to sign him for 50 million dollars.That was a huge price but Real Madrid knew his talents and they knew that we will play his part in Real Madrid future victories.

Rise Of Career;

Karim Mustafa benzema sign 6 years contract with Real Madrid the contract was very long. in his first season at Real Madrid could not perform up to the mark.After struggling for first two seasons he made his impact in the third season.Karim benzema made his debut for Real Madrid in August 2009.He scored his first goal in September 2009.His third season 4 Real Madrid was just amazing.He scored 32 goals in that season.Karim benzema also won French player of the year in 2011.Karim benzema holds the record of scoring fastest goal in El clasico and he scored that goal in just 21 seconds against one of the best team in world FC Barcelona.That was a great achievement for Karim benzema he proved himself in one of the toughest League in Europe.

After the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid he proved himself an important striker in Real Madrid squad.He led Real Madrid to win several titles.Karim benzema has great achievements for Real Madrid and he won countless trophies for Real Madrid and also won individual awards for him.He also won champion League for Real Madrid and after that he also won three consecutive UEFA champion League for Real Madrid hand became a grade player in Real Madrid squad.Also won French player of the year for three time for his great performance.Karim benzema won both UEFA super Cup and FIFA club World Cup with Real Madrid.

International Career;

  • Karim benzema has played for France at many different levels including u17, u18, u19 and u21 teams.
  • But his official senior debut for France national team in 2007 against Australia and he also scored his first goal for France in that game.
  • His international Career is not good enough has she has not played many games for France and also could not participate in 2010 World Cup 2018 World Cup and 2016 Euro cup for different reasons.


He played for Lyon b team for just two seasons and scored 15 goalsKarim benzema scored 43 goals for Lyon senior team.Karim benzema late 349 games for Real Madrid and scored 169 goals.He is Real Madrid journey is full of achievements and individual awards he has scored in most of the important matches for Real Madrid. He also became the first French player to win three consecutive champions League titles for Real Madrid. He is currently playing for Real Madrid and has to prove much more. He played a major part in winning the la Liga in 2019-2020 season this year. He was named as the best player of the tournament in 2019 and 2020.

He has achieved a lot and has much more to prove.This was a brief biography of French star Karim Mustafa benzema.Hope you have liked it it and stay with us to get latest updates on different footballers.