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Atletico Madrid (Suffering) History

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I am again to tell you about another amazing club. It is entry bol club which name is Atletico Madrid. I am here to tell you detail history of the club. I will tell you about its current status and alto I will text you about its title and achievement in the last we will discuss with you the management of the club.

Here you will find the best possible information on the club. We have gathered all the information and we will try our best to convey you all. Football is a game which is played by heart. It is one of the best games of the world. Football has a great history and first of all I will introduce you with football I will tell you some important and major facts about football and also I will tell you about its historic importance. Football games played all over the world and it’s very famous.the club Atletico Madrid is one of the biggest clubs of the world with the great history. It has achieved many amazing titles and achievements. many big players and legends of the game played for that club. Superstar fall start with the introduction of football so stay connected with us to get the best information.


First of all I will tell you what is football you may be thinking about it how it originated. It dates back to 3,000 years back.Asian time this game was played with brought rock was firstly round shaped and then they used to play it was the part of their culture and many people visited to see them play. Dil culture tell that which our team loses the captain would have to sacrifice life the sake of God. This game has an important background.

Asian countries and Roman v play that game and a huge amount of people gathered to see that game.according to some books there has been written that this was the part of the military training which means that the Roman army used to train with football and they ruled all over the world. Football after that was introduced in 17th century in England it was the modern football they introduced the modern technique of playing football. Call played between England and Scotland this was official game of football and this match which called as a Football association until now this Fa Cup is being played. This game was first started in 12 century in Britain.


At that time the game was played in meadows and roads. In the 19 century modern football was introduced. Firstly there were no rules and regulations for the game and the ball was made of rock but in the 19 century the rules and regulations of the game were properly introduced. Many rules were introduced and the shaped of ball was also introduced. This is also known as soccer and but now it is called as football.

It was firstly the shape of rugby but later on it was made round shaped. Football is a game of peace according to the history once there was a war between two countries and the war stopped just for the football match. Many people are emotionally attached to the game. There are many international teams in the world. Every country has a team which after 4 years play for the FIFA world cup and the winner team is awarded with the biggest award FIFA world cup. So now I will tell you about Atletico Madrid so stay connected with us.

Atletico Madrid;

The official name of the club is Atletico Madrid. It is a Spanish club which is known as the Spanish giants. It is the third most successful club in the Spain. It’s full name is Club Atletico de Madrid. It’s nick name is Los Colchoneros.

This club was formed on 26 April 1903. It is 117 years old club. This club was formed by three students in the capital of Spain Madrid. The club has a stadium which name is Wanda Metropolitano Stadium and it is one of the biggest stadiums in the world. It has kit which has red and white stripes with blue shorts. Many legends had played for the club including Antoine Griezmann, Fernando Torres, Sergio Aguero, Diego Forlen, like and many more are on the list. The highest goal scorer for the club is Antoine Griezmann who has scored a total of 133 goals for the club.

The coach of the team is Diego Someone who was a former player and legend of the club Atletico Madrid. The club has a long rivalry with another Spanish giant Real Madrid and there match is known as Madrid Derby. The club is supported all over the world and has a lot of fan following on social media. The goal keeper of the club is Oblak which is one of the finest keepers of the World. There are many great players currently in the Atletico Madrid squad. Luis Suarez currently joined Atletico Madrid from FC Barcelona. Atletico Madrid most expensive signing the history is Joe Felix. Joe Felix is a Portuguese star. Now I will tell you there titles and achievements.


Titles and achievements;

  • Atletico Madrid have won la Liga ten times third most in Spain history. It also a won a double in the year 1996. It is the first club who have reached three finals of the champions League but didn’t won any. They also reached the semi finals of the champions League in 2020 tournament.
  • This was a detail history of athletic of Madrid including their trophies and achievements. If you enjoyed the article give your feedback and also stay connected with us to get for the updates on another football clubs around the globe.
  • Football plays an important part in the economy of many countries. It is the most played and watched game of the world. Fooball is played in almost every country and people play it with passion. Many people follow their favourite footballers. Football has changed the life of many people.

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